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Want to Own Coraline? Laika to Auction 250 Pieces From Its Films

For the first time in its history, Laika will auction puppets, models and props from its stop motion films. Over 250 lots will be offered in “The Art of LAIKA” auction to be held by Heritage Auctions on Thursday, February 12, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California.

All three Laika films—Coraline, ParaNorman, and Boxtrolls—will be represented in the auctions. Highlights include:

    From Coraline
  • Coraline production puppet in her iconic blue-starred sweateress
  • The Cat production puppetess
  • Other Mother production puppet in her elaborately realized black dress
  • From ParaNorman

  • Norman production puppet in his baseball shirt outfit
  • Zombie Judge production puppet with fully articulated mouth and face
  • Intricate large-scale production props such as Mitch’s Van and “Zombie Attack” vending machine
  • Original hand-drawn Annie Award-winning character designs
  • From The Boxtrolls

  • Eggs and Boxtrolls production puppets complete with their “Box” outfits
  • Snatcher production puppet in his exquisite hand and laser-etched velvet jacket
  • Snatcher’s Mecha-Drill, at over five feet, the largest prop ever created for a stop-motion film

If you can’t afford to buy anything, but still want to drool over the items, a selection of pieces from the auction will be on display in Dallas, Jan. 27-29, at Heritage Auctions (3500 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75219); Feb. 3-5 at Heritage Auctions Park Avenue (445 Park Avenue at 57th Street); and Feb. 9-12, Heritage Auctions Beverly Hills (9478 West Olympic Avenue).`

A portion of the auction proceeds will be donated to the non-profit arts organization The Art of Elysium.

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  • James VanDam

    Dangit, I was really hoping this would be an online auction… :(

  • JoshActionReplay

    If I was a rich man…and lived in California…oh the amount of figures I’d buy!

  • oh man! I have been wanting things from Laika for SO LONG but they don’t really sell anything D: I wish they made things that I could afford to buy :(

  • Taco

    Interesting to see the difference in sizes between the puppets from different productions. The BoxTrolls & Coraline seem to be a fair bit smaller than the puppets used on Paranorman. Obviously this also affects the size sets would be, not sure if bigger puppets are easier to animate or get more nuance into then smaller ones. Any thoughts or insight for someone who works/worked at Laika?

  • If only Laika could do more collectibles!

  • PurpleandRedStar

    What the? An auction? That’s so expensive! Bring me one now!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Years ago I went to an auction while I had an ear infection. I kept on rubbing my ear and ended up buying an expensive vase I really didn’t want.

  • ZZ

    Only way I’d be able to afford one of these is if the auction ended at under a thousand. Oh well I would’ve loved to get that Paranorman and Coraline puppet.

  • Harrison

    I so want the Snatcher figure.