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2015 Golden Globe Nominees and Filmmaker Reactions


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the nominations for its 2015 Golden Globes award, including its nominations for Best Animated Feature Film, which are:

  • Big Hero 6
    Walt Disney Animation Studios; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • The Book of Life
    Twentieth Century Fox and Reel FX Animation Studios; Twentieth Century Fox
  • The Boxtrolls
    Laika; Focus Features
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
    DreamWorks Animation LLC; Twentieth Century Fox
  • The LEGO Movie
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Village Roadshow Pictures / RatPac-Dune Entertainment / Lego System A/S / Vertigo Entertainment/Lin Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures

In the eight years that the Golden Globes have presented the animated feature award, the winner of the category has gone on to win the Oscar six times.

The 72nd edition of the Golden Globes will be presented on Sunday, January 11.

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Cartoon Brew has received these reactions from the nominees. From the filmmakers of How to Train Your Dragon 2:

Director and writer Dean DeBlois: “Over three years ago, we started this journey on a research trip to Norway and Svalbard. As a filmmaker, what has been so gratifying is to have had the experience of traveling all over the world and seeing how Toothless and Hiccup have resonated with audiences. I’m so proud of our cast and crew and also want to congratulate the other nominees. It’s been a great year for animation and I’m humbled to be in their company. Today’s nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press is the icing on the cake of an amazing year for us-so thanks to all at the HFPA for a great wake-up call.”

Producer Bonnie Arnold: “What a great way to wake up! I can’t wait to get to the studio and celebrate with our crew. It seems like yesterday when we debuted this film overseas at Cannes and then at the Annecy Film Festival. To see the reaction from international artists and audiences was overwhelming and today, to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press, is such wonderful feeling. I am so proud of our director/writer Dean DeBlois and to see his passion for the characters and vision for telling such a heartfelt story honored with a nomination. Thanks to everyone at the HFPA for making our day!”

From the makers of The Book of Life:

Director Jorge Gutierrez: “Like getting suckered punched by a thousand cherubs, I woke up to the fantastic news of our film’s Golden Globe nomination. This made my heart dance and my mustache grow a least a full inch! Reel FX, 20th Century Fox, Guillermo del Toro and everyone on our crew could not be more thankful. I’m thrilled that an honor like this will encourage more people all over the world to discover and experience the labor of love that is The Book of Life. To the HFPA, I don’t know what you guys are drinking but please let me buy you the next round. Salud!”

Producer Guillermo del Toro: “I am thrilled and honored for the recognition of our film and its innovative multi-cultural approach. We are all so grateful!!!”

From the makers of The Boxtrolls:

Directors Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable: “Wow! We are especially thrilled with this nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association because it honors the hard work of over 300 artists and animators from all over the world. The Boxtrolls would never had been done without the amazing dedication and craftsmanship of these people and the vision and leadership of Travis Knight, who gathered us all together in the mists of Portland, Oregon and gave us the opportunity to contribute to the wonderful legacy of this animation style. We want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for including us alongside all these other fantastic nominees.”

Producer Travis Knight: “How wonderful! My sincere thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for honoring The Boxtrolls with this nomination. Nearly 10 years in the making, The Boxtrolls was a labor of wholehearted love crafted a frame at a time. From the inky black puppet mines in Portland to the well-appointed recording studios in London, our production was blessed with diverse and passionate artists of the highest caliber: brilliant actors, visionary directors, and a sublimely gifted crew. I’m so pleased that their prodigious talents have been so meaningfully recognized.”

Producer David Bleiman Ichioka: “I’d like to express my delight and appreciation to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for its nomination of The Boxtrolls for this year’s Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Animated Film. There are so many great animated films this year! The medium is branching out and growing in wonderful ways, and we’re happy to be part of it. It is both gratifying and humbling to be included in such a talented group of nominees.

“This nomination recognizes the efforts of a crew of over 300 women and men at LAIKA who worked for years on the picture, each expressing their unique talent and love for the medium of animation through their sacrifice and tireless work. Guided by our masterly directors, they have painstakingly hand-crafted the most complex stop-motion feature film ever, and it was an honor to work alongside them on this adventure. So many outside the studio also contributed immeasurably to THE BOXTROLLS. Our electrifying cast, superb composer, and the rest of The Boxtrolls family created a world of image and sound out of what often seemed like thin air.”

From the makers of The LEGO Movie:

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller: “We are so excited to be nominated for a Golden Globe. The only kind of globes we have are made of cardboard or whatever normal ones are made of. We’re incredibly proud of our accomplice Chris McKay, along with the rest of an amazing crew and cast who brought so much passion and artistry to a film that could have easily been so much less. It’s a great year for animation and we’re grateful that a film called The LEGO Movie can be appreciated and recognized in this way. Everything in the world may not actually be awesome, but this really is.”

  • No Princess Kaguya or Song of the Sea? Oh well…All of these are pretty solid selections at least. 2014 provided to be a pretty satisfying year in animation over all.

  • jonhanson

    All good choices but it’s especially nice to see Book of Life get nominated. It’s always great to see a newer studio get rewarded for taking chances and trying something new.

    This really was a great year for animation!

  • Kusanagi

    Too much emphasis on wide release titles. The least they could have done is nominate some lesser known or limited release titles. The Princess Kaguya is a glaring omission on this list. That film looks like an artistic masterpiece of 2D, handdrawn, animation.

    • Tony

      This is because the Golden Globes are selected by entertainment reporters, so the emphasis is always on what’s popular. The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, on the other hand, are selected by animators, so they always try to sneak in one or two indie films among the nominees.

      • Kusanagi

        That would explain it. Goes to show how closely I follow award shows. Thanks.

      • GW

        They may be less anti-animation biased at the Academy, but they’re still generally anti-Asian animation. Only Miyazaki has ever been nominated for an Oscar while people like Satoshi Kon and Mamoru Oshii have been ignored. It’s possible that this is partially due to their adult themes but if that’s the case it doesn’t explain why Chomet’s films and Chico and Rita got nominated.

        • Kusanagi

          Oshii’s films are an acquired taste. I like his stuff, but I definitely could see him being ignored, especially if the people picking these films have preconceived notions about what an animated film should be. Also, Oshii’s films can get kind of pretentious when he starts philosophizing on the meaning of existence. I mean, have you ever seen his live-action film “Avalon”? I’m still trying to figure out the end of that one.

          • GW

            I wasn’t very into Avalon and didn’t end up getting far into it. Maybe I will finish it someday. I liked The Sky Crawlers, though. As far as Kon’s films go, while Paprika would weird out the reviewers with conservative tastes, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers could have seen a nomination. It’s not like Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Brother Bear were that good of films.

          • Kusanagi

            “The Sky Crawlers” was one of Oshii”s more accessible films in terms of showing and not telling, which he has a tendency to do. As far as Kon’s films go, yeah, “Millennium Actress” would have deserved a nomination over something like “Jimmy Neutron”. So either the people that pick these films have an anti-anime bias, like you said, or they just refuse to consider any film that doesn’t get a wide release in theatres.

            I also did like Kon’s “Paprika” and “Perfect Blue” films, but I didn’t really care for “Tokyo Godfathers”. The animation and the characterizations just seemed off to me, considering the subject matter.

        • jjbrainstorm

          I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the older anime films didn’t have necessary qualifying US theatrical releases the year they were made.

  • JO-JO

    Traditional animation is officially dead then !
    since 2010 there is not a single traditional animation film that nominated for GG award .

    • TheDisbeliever

      The Illusionist? That wasn’t so long ago, was it?

      • jonhanson

        The Illusionist was nominated in 2010. Man, time sure flies! He’s even got a new film coming out next year.

        • TheDisbeliever

          I’m old.

    • Cheese

      Does “The Wind Rises” ring a bell?

      • JO-JO

        it did not get a nomination in the golden globe.

  • JodyMorgan

    And the award for best reaction to a Golden Globes nomination goes to… Phil Lord and Christopher Miller! Congrats, Phil and Chris!

    • white vader

      I dunno, Gutierrez’ reaction was pretty great too!

      • JodyMorgan

        Very true; his statement was quite clever and fun. I just… lack respect for the Golden Globes, so Phil and Chris’s opening lines tickled my funnybone, even if I’m sure they weren’t actually gently ribbing the Globes.

  • Inkan1969

    All good to great films, but all of them wide releases.

    BTW: Didn’t the Foreign Press Association announce their list of films that qualified for the award just a week or so ago? That’s a really short time between the announcement of qualifiers and the announcement of nominees. The Academy takes a much longer time.

  • Slinky Dog

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman was my favorite from this year, but sadly it likely won’t win any kind of major award. Oh well, c’est la vie….

  • TheDisbeliever

    Maybe not enough good animated films. But good animation? Absolutely. The general level of animation these days is great. I think we’ve gotten too accustomed to the quality being so high we sometimes forget how good it is across the board.

  • Brendan 33

    No Nut Job? :P