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Award Season Focus

“Frozen” Wins Animated Film and Song Prizes at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Frozen snagged the Best Animated Feature prize tonight at the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. The other nominees in the category were The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Monsters University, and The Wind Rises. The Disney film also won the Best Song award for Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez’s “Let It Go.”

  • Cheese

    Congrats. Now comes the Producers Guild Award, Annie Award, BAFTA, and Oscar for Best Animated Picture. It’s going to win since Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 3.” Sorry Pixar, no heart feelings.

  • maxibox

    That’s good. Frozen is fascinating! I think it’ll also win pga, the oscars, annie and bafta. <3 it!!!!

  • ~MacandBlooCheese~

    I loved this film…..but I also loved Monster’s University too..!

  • Frozen has already won all the awards as far as I’m concerned; if it were to lose one, something would be very, very wrong. This is the kind of magic that Disney is all about. The film made me feel, in that classic Disney-esque way, that these were real, four-dimensional people living in a parallel universe and having their lives revealed to us here…as opposed to flatter, more two-dimensional caricatures and mere storyteller’s tools. I LOVE it when (so-called ;) fiction does that. I also love near-photorealism in animation.

    “Let It Go” has to be my favorite song and scene in a movie loaded with extremely good songs and scenes –CHILLS, man. And more from the emotional power and impact than the temperature! The celebration of her newfound freedom and the full realization of the beautiful things she can do, yet her simultaneous “condemnation” to a pretty much solitary life, away from her sister and all other humans. Wow.

    • Jenni

      Sorry. I believe this film is overrated. If it loses a award it’s only fair.

  • jeff kones

    Lord forbid you disliked a movie everyone loved.

    • Jenni

      I don’t like it either, sheep. Come at me bruh.

  • Bird O Brine

    Im really disappointed this is what won best animated feature. Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed the movie and all but there are so may things it could of done better.