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Michael Eisner Proclaims “Get a Horse!” The Best Film of the Year

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner took to his Twitter account yesterday (yes, he has a Twitter account) to proclaim the Disney short Get a Horse! as the best film of the year:

To describe the film, he used adjectives like “original,” “brilliant,” “creative,” and most curiously, “theme park quality.” That last one is the positive spin on the film’s CG animation, which has been vociferously criticized by others, like Sam Adams who wrote in Indiewire, “The 3D animation looks garish and clunky next to to the faux old-school imagery, but it’s loud and attention-grabbing, ‘awesome’ in a manner that suggests Mickey’s new pal Poochie could show up at any minute.”

In a follow-up tweet, Eisner congratulated the box office success of Frozen. You can almost see Eisner kicking himself for not coming up with the two-princess-in-one-film idea himself. So many missed merchandising opportunities, Michael.

  • toonimated

    Um, was that Poochie comment from Sam Adams trying to imply Mickey being in CGI is “jumping the shark” somehow? That’s…weird, and kind of makes no sense, considering Mickey’s been in CGI plenty of times before. Also there was nothing “clunky” about this attempt at it.

  • Bourbon

    Yep Michael, the studio’s doing great without you…So how’s that garbage pail kids remake goin?

  • Steve

    That Sam Adams review is the odd man out, from the dozens of others who have praised the short. Saying that it has been “vociferously criticized” by “others” implies it has been widely criticized, which it has not. I’ve only seen one other negative review, and it was quoted in Sam’s review.

    The LA Times calls it “nothing short of terrific.” Big Screen Animation says it “lives up to the hype.” Geeks of Doom says it is “one of the most incredible uses of animation in short form ever.” I could go on and on. But what fun would that be, Amid? Lets drink some more hatorade.

    • AmidAmidi

      Big Screen Animation? Geeks of Doom? Sure. Yea. And how about Mark Kausler’s critique: http://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/mark-kausler-reviews-get-a-horse. He’s got a bit more cred on animation matters than your sources, and his review is none too flattering. But be my guest, keep your blinders on and pretend that thoughtful critiques of animation don’t exist.

      • Steve

        I said, “I’ve only seen one other negative review, and it was quoted in Sam’s review.” Amid. Mark Kausler’s review IS the one quoted in Sam’s review.

        I dont have blinders on. I’ve seen the negative reviews, and they have their valid points. I’m only pointing out, correctly, that you have implied that there is some vast pool of vociferous criticism to Get a Horse, which is not true. I could spend the next hour googling and posting the dozens and dozens of positive reviews for you to read, but what good would that do? You only like reading/reporting the negative criticism about Disney, and you’ve proven it time and time again.

        Now tell me, who has the blinders on?

        • AmidAmidi

          “You only like reading/reporting the negative criticism about Disney…”

          It takes a troll of a special variety to make that comment in a post titled “Michael Eisner Proclaims ‘Get a Horse!’ The Best Film of the Year.”

          • Steve

            Sure. Followed hastily by the most negative review you could google. Oh Amid. You aren’t fooling anyone. And then you resort to name calling? Cute. It’s no wonder you’re the least respected animation journalist in the business. Enjoy your paper kingdom.

      • FakeNina

        How about writing your own thoughtful critique of ‘Get a Horse!’ and standing behind your own opinion, Amid, instead of sniping and using other people’s reviews to claim legitimacy? Though I don’t entirely agree with Mark Kausler’s review, I appreciate his clearly expressed argument. All I could infer from this article was that you… loved it?

        • AmidAmidi

          All I could infer from this article was that you… loved it?

          Per the headline, this post is about Eisner’s opinion of the film, not mine.

          • DT

            I always get the opinion that you would like Disney to shut down and stop everything. Theres so much hatred.

    • Workshed

      You’d have to be a real jerk to dislike ‘Get A Horse’. I loved it and, more to the point, so did a theatre full of kids. ‘Frozen’ was hands down the best traditional (because ‘Wreck It Ralph’ was anything but) Disney animated film I’ve seen in twenty years.

  • Nikolas

    I’d be happy to never hear Michael Eisner’s name ever again.

    • Beamish Kinowerks

      I’d take him over Katzenberg, though. In retrospect, Ron Miller really does look like a genius for his time, though.

  • Hulk

    I think that’s the closest he’ll ever come to publicly admitting he was wrong to kill off 2D Animation at Disney. But there’s no point in holding a grudge against him for that now. 2D has since been reborn and killed once more at Disney since he left. Alas. – Unless Get a Horse is Disney’s first foray in to doing 2D full time again? One can only hope, but as much as I loved it I got the feeling the execs saw it as nothing more than an anachronistic novelty. I hope I’m wrong about that. Time will tell.

    • Steve Henderson

      Well said, although I may add that people don’t have to wait for the Disney execs to grant permission to fire up the light boxes again if they wish to see 2D animation at its finest it is never and has never been up to Disney to do this. Although endorsement by Disney is encouraging for the medium there are still people out there creating amazing pieces of work and people don’t have to look too far.

  • fbt

    okay, you guys do that while I try as hard as i can to forget about Bob Iger….

  • Amid, Did you review Get a Horse or Frozen? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I really liked both.

  • Roman S.

    This. I was uber excited for Frozen and especially GAH! but I was underwhelmed by both. GAH really did sort of feel like it could be the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of Mickey’s Philharmagic. It was really a 3D gimmick more than anything. Not that Steamboat Willie wasn’t a sound gimmick cartoon to begin with… :)

  • sam

    Don’t really see what all the fuss is about with slating a non bias news article. Writing my dissertation on how Mickey Mouse relies too heavily on nostalgia to be completely relevant in todays animation scene and this article helped a lot, thank you Amid.