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Phil Lord Took This Selfie to Congratulate Dean DeBlois on His Golden Globe Win

Last night Dean DeBlois was the big winner at the Golden Globes for his film How to Train Your Dragon 2. His fellow nominees offered the following congratulations on Twitter, posted by The LEGO Movie co-director Phil Lord:

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The people from left to right are: Anthony Stacchi (co-director, The Boxtrolls), Sandra Equihua (character designer, The Book of Life), Jorge Gutierrez (director, The Book Of Life), Phil Lord, and Chris Miller (co-director, The Lego Movie).

These directors see a lot of each other on the award circuit and it’s fun to see them having a good time. They’re all winners in our book.

  • joebluhm

    We should change the language.

    I know this post has a positive intention, and that’s great. I don’t mean to besmirch the good nature, however phrasing it as “his/her film” diminishes the hundreds who crafted this successful piece, even when this is not the intention.

    But yes, it’s great to see everyone enjoying each others’ company. <3

    • Zsxd

      Directors have always been possessive of THEIR films, animated or not.

      No need to change the status quo.

      • joebluhm

        I believe that when accepting an award for a film in the film’s category, you are *representing the team*. Just my 2c, my approach.

  • starss

    lol their “BOOOOO” gestures! :D

  • aly

    so cute!!XD its good to see how despite being pit against each other in the animation world they still have fun with each other~(well except disney…..)