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10 Animated Shorts Advance in 2013 Oscar Race

This afternoon, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced the ten animated shorts that have been shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Film category. The NFB leads the pack with three shorts. Notably, Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella wasn’t shortlisted. (Does anybody know when was the last time a Pixar short wasn’t shortlisted?) Much more commentary to come on the short category in a bit, but for now, here are the contenders. Congratulations to all!

November 7, 2013
BEVERLY HILLS, CA —The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that 10 animated short films will advance in the voting process for the 86th Academy Awards. Fifty-six pictures had originally qualified in the category.

The 10 films are listed below in alphabetical order by title, with their production companies:

“Feral,” Daniel Sousa, director, and Dan Golden, music and sound design (Daniel Sousa)

“Get a Horse!” Lauren MacMullan, director, and Dorothy McKim, producer (Walt Disney Feature Animation)

“Gloria Victoria,” Theodore Ushev, director (National Film Board of Canada)

“Hollow Land,” Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot, directors (Dansk Tegnefilm, Les Films de l’Arlequin and the National Film Board of Canada)

“The Missing Scarf,” Eoin Duffy, director, and Jamie Hogan, producer (Belly Creative Inc.)

“Mr. Hublot,” Laurent Witz, director, and Alexandre Espigares, co-director (Zeilt Productions)

“Possessions,” Shuhei Morita, director (Sunrise Inc.)

“Requiem for Romance,” Jonathan Ng, director (Kungfu Romance Productions Inc.)

“Room on the Broom,” Max Lang and Jan Lachauer, directors (Magic Light Pictures)

“Subconscious Password,” Chris Landreth, director (National Film Board of Canada with the participation of Seneca College Animation Arts Centre and Copperheart Entertainment)

The Academy’s Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Reviewing Committee viewed all the eligible entries for the preliminary round of voting at screenings held in New York and Los Angeles.
Short Films and Feature Animation Branch members will now select three to five nominees from among the 10 titles on the shortlist. Branch screenings will be held in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in December.

  • Jace Diehl

    Where’s The Blue Umbrella?!

    • Inkan1969

      Was that even animated? I couldn’t tell if it was a live action movie with animated umbrellas or not.

    • Mike

      I thought Blue Umbrella was very impressive technically, but wasn’t huge on the story. I think I’d rather watch Paperman.

  • Cheese

    My guess would be…”Get a Horse.”

  • ajnrules

    I’m surprised at the lack of The Blue Umbrella, but I’m looking forward to checking out each of these films, preferably before the Oscars.

  • Taco

    Some of my favorite short film makers are in there! Congrats to Daniel Sousa & Max Lang, you both make stunning works. “Get a Horse” is from the big Disney money though… so yeah @cf9918e8f4780bdc3e4feff28d6987ff:disqus, the Horse short will be the safest bet for a golden Idol.

  • I hope “Get a Horse!” will be there, though it will go head to head with “The Blue Umbrella”.
    I thought “Subconscious Password” was too weird and “Gloria Victoria” was too loud. “Requiem for Romance” i throughly enjoyed.

    • Blue Umbrella wasn’t nominated.

      • Well, then I guess “Get a Horse!” is a shoo-in. At last Mickey will get his first Oscar (I believe “Lend a Paw” went to Pluto).

        • Have you seen any of the others?
          How is it a shoe in?

  • Mike O

    I heard people talking about Ghetto Whores by Disney being so great. Disappointed…

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I agree that they deserve recognition, but I also feel Blue Umbrella deserves it too. Just because it was big budget, I’m sure the artists who worked on it worked just as hard as any other short.

  • Strong Enough

    Blue Umbrella was underwhelming. that annoying singing ruined it for me. should have just used jon brion instrumental instead

  • Nobody automatically gets nominated.

  • Brian Lonano

    Feral was excellent. Great movie to watch on a big screen. Hope it gets nominated!

  • andres

    In December, will the shorts be screened to the public? Or just members?

  • optimist

    Actually that isn’t so-from the start the nominees have largely been all the major animation producers-Disney’s, Warner Bros, MGM, Fleischer, UPA etc. because that’s who was making animated shorts. It’s only when studios stopped producing short cartoons in the 1960s that more independent films came to the fore in that category-largely from the NFB. There have always been exceptions to this, but it was never a category “for” anyone in particular, as in indie artists vs. studio artists..

  • PixelKnot

    The Blue Umbrella is definitely one of Pixar’s weakest shorts.

  • George Comerci

    I’m legitimately shocked that Moonbot’s “The Scarecrow” didn’t get a nomination! I know it was made to boost Chipotle and to help sell an app, but I don’t care. The short was beautiful. But I’m hoping for Possessions or Get a Horse to win.

  • “Too weird”….for you, presumably.
    Clearly it’s out of the race…