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“Paperman” Producer Kristina Reed Kicked Out of Oscar Ceremony—For Throwing Paper Airplanes

What is with animation folks being thrown out of the Oscar ceremony? Tonight’s hot gossip is that Paperman producer Kristina Reed was kicked out of the Oscar ceremony after she began throwing paper airplanes off the mezzanine when her short was announced as a winner. The planes had lipstick kisses on them—just like the film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “After a short protest, security brought her back to her seat about five to 10 minutes later.” Thank God we can all still throw paper airplanes at the Annecy animation festival.

  • Leon Chen

    It may not be as epic as what happened to Rybczynski 30 years ago, but it’s still something that will go down in animation Oscar history. At least they let her back in so it’ll be something we can laugh about sooner than 30 years from now.

  • My only question is did the planes have points on the front, and did anyone lose an eye?

    • Axolotl

      Yeah, it sounds funny, but someone could lose an eye. Like Ben Affleck.

  • D. Harry

    This is interesting, but my curiosity is piqued about the protesters – are there an reports about them?

  • Charlie

    While I’m sure she didn’t intend to irritate people, this sounds like a dumb thing to do. Could’ve blinded Brad Pitt’s or at least stabbed into someone’s hair and ruffled it to the point that it could not be unruffled. And then after the planes are thrown, what are you left with? Paper trash scattered through the audience. Someone then has to go around and pick that all up. If they had kicked her out permanently, I’d have agreed with that.

    • Ringtail Badger

      Just thank goodness this isn’t the age of the bouffant. Wealthy entitled women coming out of the Oscars – their hardcoat hair impaled with numerous paper vehicles of destruction. The psychiatrist bills alone would have been devastating.

      • shadypotential

        he is right though. you can poke out an eye

  • An Oscar-nominated producer is seated in the balcony?

    • jonhanson

      Shorts aren’t features.

  • Clarkeyboy

    “It ain’t Annecy luv”

  • Jaso

    Not to mention VFX folks on a borderline strike outside of it…Animation sure is hitting interesting times.

  • Toonio

    So that’s more wrong than telling racy and antagonists jokes on stage?

    I knew nothing good was coming out of these Oscars.

  • If Disney’s Frozen wins next year they should throw Icicles and let that be a lesson to those snub Oscar people.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Remember years ago when Tex Avery was lighting his farts during the Oscar show?

  • MissConception

    In the animation industry, doing something like that is considered very normal and actually a charming way to celebrate. It really goes to show that Hollywood in general doesn’t understand the animation industry, what we do, or how we see things. It’s like we are the geeks and nerds in the high school that is Hollywood.

  • Tim Hodge

    This must be a Disney tradition. There’s a story in Jack Kinney’s book “Walt DIsney and Assorted Other Characters” about how the animators went to go see a stage adaptation of Pinocchio before they started production, and they took a 10-year old Roy E. Disney along with them. The play was dreadful. Then, midway through the show, the audience was pelted with paper airplanes from the balcony. People ran for the lobby.
    Roy had been so bored with the show, he spent the entire first act folding planes from the programs. The animators were very thankful for the escape he provided, and scurried him off to the nearest malt shop for a reward.

  • Somebody call the police she is throwing paper airplanes! Neat way to celebrate their success. To bad Hollywood doesn’t understand.

    • George_Cliff

      She shoulda been tazed and pepper sprayed as well.

  • Satorical

    Even in the nicest of settings, security is humorless. I hate ’em.

  • Klyph14

    “After a short protest, security brought her back to her seat about five to 10 minutes later.”

    So she in fact, wasn’t kicked out. I didn’t know Cartoon Brew was in the business of creating false headlines in order to stir up controversy and create more traffic for itself. Nice work Amid.

    • AmidAmidi

      The headline is correct. She wouldn’t need to be allowed back into the theater if she hadn’t been kicked out in the first place.

    • bigbadballoon

      She WAS kicked out. Hence the “brought BACK to her seat”. Makes sense to me anyways. Nice work yourself.

  • See, THIS is why paper airplanes need stricter TSA regulations!

  • It’s just a bloody PAPER AIRPLANE, My God, it’s not WMD’s…geeze people. The Oscars SHOULD be fun!

    • Of course, posh little people can’t tolerate planes falling from the sky. That’s for peasants.
      I prefer throwing hankies for men to pick up.

      hahaha it IS amazing. my schoolmates would throw each other bottle caps using the air pressure from their crumpled water bottles. Paper airplanes are absolutely nothing. AND absolutely nothing happened either with one thing or the other.

  • Michael Sporn

    The lack of respect is obvious, the boorishness is obvious. Did she look around at the people in the audience? Was she trying to interfere with the television recording? There are times when you can act like a child and get away with it; there are times when you should act like a grown up. Sorry, but I would not have let her back into the ceremony.

  • christopher hodge

    I wonder what she would have thrown if they didn’t win best short.