‘Song of the Sea’ Wins Top Prize at Irish Academy Awards


Ireland was in the spotlight last week for its social progressiveness, and the country has now let the world know that they’re artistic progressives too.

Last night, the Irish Film and Television Academy awarded Tomm Moore’s feature Song of the Sea its top film prize at the 2015 Film & Drama Awards. To be clear, this isn’t an animated feature award; it’s the best Irish film of the year. Moore’s Song of the Sea was the only animated work in the best film category, and competed against five live-action films.

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The film, produced by Kilkenny, Ireland-based Cartoon Saloon, is still awaiting release in its home country; it will be released into Irish theaters in July.

Song of the Sea’s win surprised many, not the least of whom was the film’s director Tomm Moore, who tweeted:

The Irish Film & TV Academy also awarded Julien Regnard’s Somewhere Down the Line in the best animated short category:

Song of the Sea’s win against live-action competition happened on the same day that an animated short, Ely Dagher’s Waves ’98, beat out its live-action counterparts at Cannes for the short film Palme d’Or.

Song of the Sea was also nominated for the animated feature Oscar this year. The film lost to Disney’s Big Hero 6. The Walt Disney Company, which presents the Academy Awards on its own ABC network, has won the animated feature Oscar 7 out of the last 8 years.

Celebrating their win (l. to r.): Song of the Sea producer Paul Young, unidentified, director Tomm Moore, writer Will Collins.

Celebrating their win (l. to r.): “Song of the Sea” producer Paul Young, actor Pat Shortt (voice of Lug in the film), director Tomm Moore, writer Will Collins.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to all those involved in the creation of the film. Also, congratulations to people in Ireland who were progressive enough to vote for the film based on its merits, not on its medium of expression.

  • http://the-animatorium.blogspot.com/ Natalie Belton

    Hollywood take heed!

  • ZJ

    Completely deserved. Probably one of the best animated films I’ve seen (I don’t care if it sounds hyperbolic, it’s true).

  • James Madison

    What Guest said!

  • Tomm

    Thanks for the coverage Cartoon Brew!

    We are very proud, irish animation is going from strength to strength and we are delighted to be considered along side such amazing talents from the live action world.

    Just to let you know the chap labelled “unidentified” in the photo is Pat Shortt, one of the most famous and talented actors in Ireland – Pat voices the character “lug” in Song of the Sea.

    • AmidAmidi

      Thanks, Tomm! I’ve updated the caption with Pat’s name. And congrats again on the victory!

  • AnimationGuy

    Boom! Way to show em’ Moore and team! This is a win for animation.

  • http://www.doodlesinanimation.blogspot.com Annie T.

    Well deserved win by the crew of Song of the Sea! Here’s to many more wins in the future!

  • Mister Twister

    That’s good, I guess. Now, if only they won something in the Mighty US of A…

    • mick

      They won, it’s a great film. That it didn’t come with a side order of fries and a gunfight is neither here nor there