Escape! Escape!


escapebook.jpgFormer Animato and Animation Planet editor G. Michael Dobbs has collected his writings, interviews and reviews from those publications into a new book from BearManor Media, ESCAPE: How Animation Broke Into the Mainstream in the 1990s.

Dobbs’ book contains several interviews with the key players during that last decade, including Parker and Stone, Klasky and Csupo, along with voice actors and various executive personnel at Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. For more info on this book, check the BearManor website.

  • eeteed

    y’all forgot to mention… cover by world famous cartoonist, mark martin!

  • Mark Neeley

    Looks interesting. I love these types of book. I had already been hinting around about the Hanna-Barbera Treasury for a Christmas idea, very might well have to add this one on too.

    Doing research last night though it looks like none of my local Borders or Waldenbooks carry the Treasury unfortunately.

  • Nic Kramer

    Sounds like I nice book. However, I don’t understand why Scrappy and Yippy are on the cover since their cartoon were never shown on telvision during the 1990’s.

  • doug holverson

    The first ping of ’90s nostalgia?

    (OMG, need to cash in the the ’80s vein before it dies up!)

  • Mark Neeley

    What annoys me even more about not being able to find a copy of the H-B Treasury around is that all of the bookstores have about 5 copies of the Nicktoons books on their shelves.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > doug holverson says:
    > The first ping of ’90s nostalgia?

    Watch out, the whole Retro-90’s fad could come at any moment!

  • John

    Pardon my ignorance here but what is the name of the green character on the cover? Thanks

  • Melvin

    Bladder, the Incontinent Fox

  • The cover art is by Mark Martin who tried to follow my request to draw cartoony characters that would sort of familar but wouldn’t infringe any copyright.