Oswald cameo in <i>Wall•E</i> book Oswald cameo in <i>Wall•E</i> book

Oswald cameo in Wall•E book


Ken Priebe spotted this cameo (above right) by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the Little Golden Book adaptation of Wall•E.

As with the previous Golden Books based on the Pixar films, this one is delightfully illustrated and, for the price ($2.99), a great value.

(Via Scuzzbopper)

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  • http://dailygrail.com/blog/8389 red pill junkie

    Interesting, because one of the things that bothered me about Wall*E—I LOVED the movie BTW— is that in all those millions of tons of garbage, and all the “cool stuff” he collected—with an emphasis on toys from the 1980s—not a single plastic Buzz Lightyear or Woody was to be found, which IMO would have been a nice gag, and an honest acknowledgement on behalf of Pixar (maybe the suits at Disney wouldn’t let them?).

    Yesterday I went to a store to buy a peripherial for my computer, and already there were dozens of school bags with the little Robot’s image on them. Kind of a mixed message there.

  • Dave

    Actually, I just saw Wall-E again yesterday and I noticed a Rex (from Toy Story) figure hidden on one of the shelves.

  • http://thelink.concordia.ca Christopher Olson

    There WAS, however, a plastic Rex doll, as well as Hammy from Toy Story. And according to Wikipedia, a bobble-head figure of Frozone from The Incredibles. I was looking out for the Buzz Lightyear doll too, but I can’t say I was disappointed by its absence.

  • http://td76.com/ Fortyseven

    It IS a mixed message. I suppose one way or another the marketing machine is going to churn out that crap anyway… better the underlying story be THIS than, say, a goofy panda. :P

  • http://ryuuseipro.deviantart.com John Paul Cassidy

    I bought the storybook last night (Pixar’s storybooks are just awesome, especially with the old-school art style), and noticed Oswald before this post came about!

  • Steve

    Another beautiful Golden book by Scott Tilley. Great work!

  • Reader

    I thought this was a post about the WALL-E Little Golden Book, not the film’s message or mixed messages or whatnot-yet again!
    Personally I’d like to know who illustrated this beautiful little book. Amazon lists the author as just “RH(Random House)Disney” which is a shame. Whoever it is should get some credit as this post is about their work, after all. Anyone know?

    “… better the underlying story be THIS than, say, a goofy panda. :P”

    Jeez, give it a rest. Totally unnecessary.

  • http://afrokids.com Floyd Norman

    The talented Disney illustrators are, Scott Tilley and Jean-Paul Orpinas.

    They’ve done most of the recent Pixar books in that cool retro fifties style. What’s amazing is, they used to work in gouache, now they paint on the computer — and you can’t tell the difference. I know. I’ve watched them paint the books.

    These guys are good. Grab a copy!

  • Mahesh

    After reading about how good the previous Pixar Golden books were and owning them subsequently, I pre-ordered this as soon as possible, along with the art book. Great stuff in both.

  • Nonimus

    Was there a cameo of Bolt in Wall-E?

  • http://tomboycomics.blogspot.com Emily

    I bought this book at my local video store of all places, before the movie came out. That Oswald page of Wall-e’s things is my favorite page in the book :)

  • haha


    That doesn’t look like Bolt to me. Bolt’s nose is distinctively larger and he doesn’t have a hare-lip. That little bobble-head dog is a boxer or something. Bolt is a german sheppard.

  • http://holdenslines.blogspot.com Dylan Thomas Holden

    This book is wonderful and charming like all the others. My girlfriend bought one for her son and one for me, just her feeding the animation nerd inside of me. The artwork is so delightful, these books really are gems. You get quality artwork for only 2.99, your really cant beat that.

    It looks like Scott Tilley and Jean-Paul Orpinas not only worked on this book but also the Ratatouille and Cars Golden Books. I know Tilley worked on the Finding Nemo one as well, but I don’t remember if Orpinasa did.

    Really great work in the end though.

  • Dan

    “Yesterday I went to a store to buy a peripherial for my computer, and already there were dozens of school bags with the little Robot’s image on them. Kind of a mixed message there.”

    If I were a kid, I would want to play with that crap. Some kids seek out and find pleasure from specific toys. I was one. What would life have been like without Hotwheels, GI Joe, Starwars….? So, I don’t think it’s really that mixed of a message, unless they use lead paint, or wasteful packaging or something. Otherwise, Come on! Don’t deprive kids of crap to play with. Not that throwing cat turds at eachother wasn’t fun. As always, it’s up to the consumer to make decisions on whether to buy or not.

  • http://dailygrail.com/blog/8389 red pill junkie

    “As always, it’s up to the consumer to make decisions on whether to buy or not.”

    I agree Dan, but then again, a kid who watches this film should be informed by his parents that the bag that they buy in 2008, is going to become the trash of the year 2700; after that they might think: Does last year’s school bag of Rattatouille REALLY need replacing, or maybe just a little stitching?

    Yes, I played with Star Wars dolls, and GI Joes, nowadays I try not to be impulsive with my spending habits; but then again, my parents never indulged my every whim when I was a kid, never bribed me with toys or yield to buy something just because I was crying. I resented that back then, but now I thank them. I do believe we need to teach our kids there are far better ways to find pleasure in life than just mindless spending.

    BTW I’m glad I was wrong about Wall*E not having any cameos of Pixar’s older characters, which I mention on my recent blog post [Be warned: is looong and “leftist” as hell ;-)]

  • http://deleted Dan

    I’m with you Red Pill Junkie. But, in our case it’s the grandparents that are all to eager to spoil. There’s a movie idea there somewhere.