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San Diego: Depth Charge

Donnachada Daly

It looks like Katzenberg’s mania for 3-D is rubbing off on his artists. DreamWorks animator Donnachada Daly has created a new art book called Depth Charge: 3D Illusions in which all of his lovely line drawings are presented in stereoscopic 3D. It will debut in San Diego at table B-8. For additional details, as well as instructions on how to view the 3D images without glasses, head over to Donnachada’s blog.

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  • Well, I gave it a shot however I will be all day waiting for that thing to shift into gear.

    This fascination with technology just underlines the bareness of what is actually on the plate.

  • Paul N

    Nice work. The viewing technique is similar to those “magic eye” posters a few years back.

    The next step would be to work out more than just foreground/middle ground/background planes, and get some depth in each area itself. It’s a great start though.

  • greg m.


  • I’ve been doing some stereoscopic life drawings and am thinking about paintings.


  • I love stereoscopic stuff! Sometimes I doodle little stick figures doing stuff in stereoscopic 3-D. This is much better than that, though I agree with Paul N and think it could be pushed even more.

  • Kyle

    Its cool and all, but I dont think stereograph is the best way to go about presenting line art. the best they can look is like cardboard cutouts.

  • Glad I still have those plastic lenses that came with my Harold Lloyd book of 3D photography.