Box Office Report

“Epic” Continues Its Unepic Box Office Run In the U.S. and Abroad

Blue Sky’s Epic continued its mild box office run last weekend with a respectable decline of 28.5% and $11.8 million in U.S. box office earnings. The film has now racked up $83.9 million over its three week U.S. run. The film has one more weekend of clear-sailing ahead of it before it succumbs to another kiddie flick, Monsters University.

Overseas, Epic placed sixth, with approx. $12.7M from over sixty international territories, pushing its overseas total to $105.4M. Blue Sky’s features tend to overperform in international markets—the studio’s last three features have earned a robust average of $582 million overseas—but Epic will be lucky to break $200 million internationally.

  • joe

    Thats a shame. I saw it this weekend and enjoyed the story and the animation. It was also the first 3D film where I actually thought the effect was used well.

  • Cheese

    In my opinion, it would have been a lot better if it was “Leaf Men.” Maybe then, it would do better without the title change. Well, that’s marketing for you. But for the record, it’s a “Ferngully” spoof.

    • Dval

      I agree the orignal Book title “Leaf Men” would have been much more interesing of a title for the film. Fox Marketing probably said…we need something catchy that the young folks can identify with when something is cool…you know, Epic!!

  • Doz Hewson

    Be thankful that this film even exists. This film needed to be gotten out of many people’s systems. So there.

    • Cheese

      Still a “Ferngully” rip-off.

  • Cheese

    I hope “Monsters University” wins an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture of 2013. Pixar always wins most of it. Plus, they’re the ones that changed the face of animation forever (traditional animation still lives though) and gave birth to CGI in animation.

    • You think a film that hasn’t even been released to be seen by the public already deserves an academy away? That’s awful. Films shouldn’t be recognised or rewarded due to past studio performance.

      • molochmachine

        Hear hear. Especially considering how patchy Pixar’s quality has gotten recently. Way better stuff out there now.

      • canimal

        Thank you. Thats exactly the kind of mindset that cost many other really great animated films the oscar because of the name behind the film and not the quality of the film itself.

      • Cheese

        Pixar’s “Brave” won the academy award. What do you expect, Disney’s “Frozen?”

        But for the record, Pixar is always too good to be true. Nice work, John Lasseter.

    • Matt Sullivan

      They’re also responsible for using 1/4 of the production budget to pay A-list actors when that money SHOULD be going to the production budget. Then of course when the film under-performs they blame US, the artists.

  • Nikolas

    Perhaps the public is simply tired of CG films. So, if 2D and 3D films are dead with the public, then what? ;)

    • elliot Lobell

      stop motion woohooo!

  • elliot Lobell

    yeah, except the difference between the two “kiddie flicks” is that monsters university will most likely be good.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Celebrity voice “talent” always sucks up the production budget. Why on God’s green Earth do studios still rely on these overpaid HACKS?

    • Pillamelai

      I’m sure there must be data that backs up their decisions.

  • Amy

    I think Epic has a lot of good qualities about it. But the one thing that really dragged it down was the plot…and the slugs…Just…the most unneccessary characters of that movie…If it had been polished more and more about the world of the leafmen then I think it would’ve been a better movie. I wanted to know how they came to be or even about Ronin and Tara’s relationship more than the father daughter subplot.

  • $ 83.9 million in three weeks is actually some pretty big money and what can be brought later. Meaning and names.