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“Monsters University” Scares Up Huge $82 Mil Opening Weekend

Pixar’s Monsters University opened with a powerful first-place finish in the United States. The Dan Scanlon-directed film nabbed $82.4 million in its opening weekend, which makes it the second-biggest Pixar opening ever behind Toy Story 3′s $110.3M opening in 2010. The real test will be next weekend: will the film decline in the mid-40% range as Toy Story 3 did or will it drop over 60% as Cars 2 did? Overseas, Monsters University opened in approximately three dozen international territories with an international cume of $54.5M, which was good enough for a second place finish behind Man of Steel. After one weekend, the film’s total gross is $136.9M.

Meanwhile, as expected, Monsters University pummelled Blue Sky’s Epic at the American box office. Epic plunged a massive 71.5% percent for a fifth-weekend total of $1.8M. The film finally crawled its way across the $100M mark, but it will now certainly end up as Blue Sky’s lowest grossing film in the U.S., and among its lowest grossing films internationally.

  • Cheese

    Hoo-ROAR for “Monsters University!!!”

  • Shazbot

    People just love Mike and Sully. Maybe this success will remind Pixar to keep creating memorable, lovable characters, instead of blah politically-correct ciphers like Merida…

    • Roberto González

      I thought Mérida was really charismatic even though I also love Mike and Sulley.

    • SarahJesness

      I actually really liked Merida. “Brave” had a lot of flaws but the main character was one thing I did enjoy.

    • monsterlamour

      “blah politically-correct ciphers like Merida”?
      dude, story informs character. Monsters University just had a better story than Brave, that’s no reason to crap all over Brave. And especially don’t crap all over it because it features a strong female lead, because that’s just chauvinistic and ignorant.

    • George Comerci

      I didn’t think Merida was boring!

  • True view

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  • Funkybat

    I think it is telling that the two highest-grossing opening weekends for Pixar films are sequels of two of their finest films. Toy Story 1 & 2 and Monsters Inc. were created when Pixar was indisputably on the rise, and it seemed like each film that came out was even better than the last. A run like that couldn’t last forever, and Pixar is adjusting to a more mature state in their life than the thrilling childhood & adolescence of their first decade as a feature film studio. I just hope that there are new characters and worlds around the corner as fascinating and entertaining as the Toy and Monster worlds. Even though their sequels of great films have been great, you can only pull off so many “Godfather II’s” before your luck runs out.

  • Didgaraya

    No comment… If the trailer tells anything about the movie, it’s a morally controversial thing when it comes to showing and selling it to youngsters.

    • Jonah Sidhom

      I don’t understand what you mean.

      • tredlow

        He said no comment… followed by a comment?

        I think he means that it’s a college movie, and college movies are typically raunchy and not for youngsters. Although, in my opinion, the trailer didn’t really make it look anything like that.

        • Funkybat

          The movie was about as “raunchy” as an episode of The Muppets. Some people seem to be assuming the worst about this film without even going to see it.

          • tredlow

            Heck, the movie was about studying hard and not coasting through life.

          • George Comerci

            Is that an actual issue? That Pixar would make something “raunchy”? Haha wow. I agree, it’s harmless

        • SarahJesness

          The movie itself isn’t raunchy. Just because it takes place on a college campus doesn’t mean the characters do anything questionable. There are one or two party scenes but they don’t drink or anything.

    • monsterlamour

      did you actually watch the trailer?

      if you’ve got a problem with a film about a fictional college being marketed to children, then i think you’re a bit misguided. PIXAR films revolve around adults and objects. there is nothing in Monsters University that could be considered “controversial.” it’s an inspirational buddy comedy.

      go see it, you’ll probably enjoy it.

    • George Comerci

      No, not really. I can see where you may think that, but it’s not. It’s like the first one, a buddy buddy comedy. There’s only one partying scene in it, but they don’t drink. They just dance, and stay up the latest they’ve ever stood up in their lives xD but no, there’s nothing bad for kids. It’s a really fun film, I think you’ll enjoy it!

  • Something Fishy

    I wonder why the Walt Disney Animation Studios films never make this much money.

  • Geoff

    I haven’t seen MU yet, tho I’m eager to.
    I am disappointed how poor Epic is doing. Bad marketing and name change did it what my family and I felt was a a fun and entertains movie. I really wish it was doing better…

  • killercharlie

    Monsters 3 anybody? If the first one took place during their working days and the prequel was during college then the next one should be about retirement!

  • Nikolas

    There was simply nothing else kid-friendly that was new in the theaters. You had zombies or Superman (neither of which were for kids) and everyone has already seen Iron Man 3.

    Good for Pixar though — Monsters U should rake in more money that might go towards more adventurous film projects.

    • tredlow

      Yeah, the next two movies are originals, so that’s cool.

  • SarahJesness

    Eh, not too surprising. “Monsters University” didn’t have much competition from other kid’s films this weekend. Add to that the nostalgia market and the Pixar name, (Pixar could release a movie about a sentient puddle of vomit and people would still watch it. I would be one of those people) of course the movie did well.

    • Funkybat

      “A sentient puddle of vomit”

      I already came up with that concept years ago, so if they did make that film, I’d know they stole it from me!

      Well, no……. to be honest, mine is more of a sentient PILE of vomit.

    • fish

      I couldn’t agree more. I saw the movie this weekend with my kids, and it was somewhat entertaining. But not much more than that. It was by far not what we typically would expect from Pixar in regards to storytelling and creative originality. But yes, when you release a sequel to a much loved film that came out 12 years ago, well, the nostalgia factor alone will send the box office numbers through the roof on that opening weekend. And it sure didn’t hurt that its only competition was Brad Pitt with fast zombies. The REAL indicator will be how well it does on its second weekend.

      • SarahJesness

        I think it will still do well on the second week. The movie was enjoyable and I’m glad I saw it, even if it wasn’t an emotional masterpiece. Even if it’s not deep, it is fun, has good humor, and teaches a nice lesson. Besides, there won’t be other kids films to really compete with for a while.

  • thePoopMaster

    look how many ‘related articles’ at the bottom of the page are about how poorly epic is doing. what’s the purpose of reiterating this 4 times?

    • Nikolas

      I noticed that too. I think the Epic articles were the last posted discussions on how whichever new animated film was doing at the box office. When Cartoonbrew starts to discuss Despicable Me 2, then we’ll see this post about Monsters U at the bottom.

  • Hoang Nguyen

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