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Len Glasser’s Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes

After a bit of an unexpected lag, we’ve debuted our latest film on CartoonBrewFilms: Safety Shoes (1965) directed and designed by Leonard Glasser. This film is part of our Rarities section and it is truly worthy of that distinction as it has rarely been seen since the early-’70s. It was commissioned by the Lehigh Safety Shoe Co. after the company’s first film about safety footwear flopped with audiences. Glasser decided that the only way to make a film about shoes watchable was to turn it into a loony non-narrative assortment of animated bits and live-action skits.

Working with a barebones budget but plenty of animation and acting talent, Glasser and his studio Stars and Stripes Productions Forever, turned out Safety Shoes which ranks as one of the most off-the-wall screwball advertising films in history. Preview clip, film history and purchase link can all be found here. And after you see the film be sure and submit questions; Len would love to hear from you.

As a sidenote, we’re going to be adding loads of new content to CartoonBrewFilms over the upcoming summer months with new films planned for every week. Some of our upcoming releases include Chansoo Kim’s Vaudeville (US), Eddie White and James Calvert’s Carnivore Reflux (Australia) and Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk’s The Shoebox (The Netherlands). We’ll be posting a more complete release schedule on BrewFilms soon.

  • Safety Shoes was a gem that circulated in the ad agency circles too ! my dad saw it in the 1960’s. when i told him i was working with Bob Staats at Buzzco (when it was in the Park Central Hotel) he flipped ! i wish someone had the negative or a nice 16mm print. i have a vhs, but it’s pretty beat up.

    I was lucky enough to work with Len on a Computer City spot a few years ago. I honestly can’t remember how we originally got together, but we’d been trying to work on something together for years as well as find a way to actually meet, when the CC opportunity popped up. the spot was supposed to be a live action commercial but in talking with the ad agency, a possible animation approach surfaced and we all grabbed for it. they loved Len’s quirky style and pretty much left us alone. the best part was that Len was able to visit White Plains and hang at the studio for awhile ! everyone was very happy with the cartoon. it aired once or twice before Computer City was sold to CompUSA and the spot became moot. really too bad. . .

  • Carnivore Reflux is great! Can’t wait to see that one on your site.

  • amid

    JJ – Thanks for the great stories. I didn’t know Len had worked on one of your spots.

    John – And we can’t wait to make Carnivore Reflux available on BrewFilms! It’s a terrific short that both Jerry and I are fans of.

  • I purchased an animation disc from Buzzco just about 2 months ago, and Candy and Vince explained to me that the disc that I bought was Len Glasser’s…so I feel honored.