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‘A Dangerous Journey’ by Ruth Beni

A Dangerous Journey (part funded by Comic Relief) warns young African women of the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics perpetrated by native doctors and false promises. Narrated by two survivors of sex trafficking, the film depicts these harrowing human experiences with compelling accuracy, and describes the various techniques of coercion used by traffickers, which include Juju scare tactics perpetrated by Native Doctors.

Written, directed and produced by Ruth Beni
Character design and animation: Nicolette van Gendt
Background design: Luke Mandie
Music: Evelyn Glennie and Philip Sheppard
Narrated by Kevin Howarth
Development and Storyboard: Richard Burdett
Editor: Haim Litani
Animation storyboard: Brendan Houghton
Animation compositor: Lorenzo Cenci De Bello
Animation coloring: Oliver Gwyther
Effects assistant: Rachel Glodowski
Assistant animator: Dave McFall
Sound design: Phil Evans, Side Studios
Produced by Animage Films, Hibiscus, Be Animation Production

  • I guess you could say the guy with the chickens has friends…On The Other Side! Interesting angle to portray the sex trafficking from the victims’ perspective, most of the films on this subject show someone from a 1st world environment uncovering this business so we can see it through a familiar perspective. It’s refreshing (and makes sense considering the target audience) to hear the trauma firsthand instead.