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‘A Tale of Momentum & Inertia’ by Kameron Gates


A Rock Giant, literally holds in his hands, the fate of a small coastal town. Can he forgive and forget?

Director: Kameron Gates
Creative Director: Kirk Kelley
From an Original Story by Allan Turner and Kameron Gates
Animators: Wendy Fuller, Kameron Gates, Greg Kyle, Chris Ohlgren, Allan Steele
Matte Painter: Don Flores, Kameron Gates, Saira Matthews
Character Designer: Kameron Gates
Environment Designer: Ian Abando, Pascal Campion, Don Flores, Joshua Harvey
Storyboard Artist: Kameron Gates
Technical Director: Chris Immroth, Terence Jacobson, Patrick Van Pelt
Modeling: Michael Berger, Chris Ohlgren, Allan Steele, Josh Tonnesen
Texture Artist: Jeff Gipson, Saira Mathew, Sari Rodrig, Josh Tonnesen
Character Set-up: Terence Jacobson
Lighting Artist: Thane Hawkins, Matt Reslier
Rigger: Terence Jacobson
FX: Rogerio Mendes, Karl Richter, Patrick Van Pelt
Opening Titles: Jose Diaz
Editor: Steve Miller
Sound Design and Mix: Lance Limbocker
Produced at House Special, 2014.

  • Pot Stirrer

    Rock Giant is the USA, coastal town is the world. Discuss.

  • ReindeerFlotilla

    Nah, clearly the writer is a Randian objectivist who figured out how to condense ‘Atlas Shrugged” into a 30 sec short.

  • Gavin Mouldey

    the big rock is the threat of unstoppable war, or the glorification of danger, or the military industrial complex, placed on the mountain top (pedestal) by the rock giant. The entire scenario was caused by his/her ego and blind ambition.

  • Chad Townsend

    This ROCKS!!! (yeh i said it;)