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Cartoon Brew Pick

“Ghoul Friend” by Aaron Springer

Executive Producer/Supervising Director: Paul Rudish
Written and Directed by Aaron Springer
Storyboard: Aaron Springer
Art Director: Joseph Holt
Additional Written Material: Derek Dressler, Clay Morrow, Paul Rudish
Voices: Chris Diamantopoulos, Bill Farmer, Aaaron Springer
Character and Prop Design: Tara Billinger, Stephen DeStefano, Kali Fontecchio, Andy Suriano
Location design: Justin Martin, Justin Parpan
Background paint: Richard Daskas, Jenny Gase-Baker, Chris Roszak, Trevor Simonsen, Narina Sokolova
Coor Stylist: Chris Hacker
Music: Christopher Willis
Animation Production: Mercury Filmworks
Animation Director: Graham MacDonald
Animatic Editor/Editor: Illya Owens
Technical Director: Pamela May Palma
Produced by Disney Television Animation

  • jordan reichek

    great stuff, aaron!

  • Gavin Mouldey

    can’t view in in NZ as per the norm. Anyone know if it’s up elsewhere?

  • It’s a Mickey and Ghoal-fy cartoon! (I can make bad puns too.)

    • Jonah Sidhom

      *ghastly puns

  • Tim

    This had some of the weirdest character runs I’ve ever seen.

  • cc

    also having the same problem in Canada- if anyone finds a working video please link it here! Thanks!

  • This short is funny, surprisingly dark, and wonderfully storyboarded. I don’t want to give it away, but 2:21-2:28 made me BURST out laughing the first time I saw it. It still gets a kick out of me. Sheer brilliance.

    I can’t say that I predicted the direction the ending was going to go, and that’s a good thing.

  • Mac

    I really liked this one. The first time I saw it (it was on the Australian Disney site a couple of months ago) I was mildly shocked by it. That first detailed image of Zombie Goofy is perhaps the first thing I’ve seen in a Mickey cartoon that I wouldn’t have liked as a kid. After thinking about it, however, it’s actually no more scary or gruesome for a 2013 cartoon than Mad Doctor is for a 1933 cartoon. There’s a really fun creepiness to Ghoul Friend with a lot of funny, inventive gags packed into a fast paced short. As a bit of spooky entertainment, I think it’s more successful than Toy Story of Terror which, despite the title and hype, copped out and dropped any creepiness midway through the story.

  • Dino

    Terrific work! If you’d told me a year ago that some of the funniest, liveliest, best-designed shorts of 2013 would star Mickey Mouse, I’d have thought you were nuts.

  • I LOVE the new Mickey cartoons. They top my list for the best thing Disney has done all year.

  • Matt Norcross

    If that new Mickey Mouse movie gets into fruition, Disney HAS to get Paul Rudish to do the intro and end credits sequences.