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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘L’oiseau qui danse’ by Jean-Marie Marbach

Taking off.

A film by Jean-Marie Marbach. Music by Tennyson, custom AE expressions by Dan Ebberts.

Marbach tells Cartoon Brew:

Although this project was initiated as an homage to Visual Music by creating abstract animations closely linked to music, and more specifically to the works of Walter Ruttmann and Oskar Fischinger, it quickly took off on its own path. Because of the origami bird, I wasn’t in complete abstraction anymore, and the whole thing became more “stylized” than “abstract.” Except for the bird, everything was created with particles and Trapcode Suite.

  • Adam Buritsch

    Neat! I like seeing the variety of particle work and the shoutout to Dan Ebberts. I’m curious what custom expressions he cooked up.