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“Palmipedarium” by Jeremy Clapin

Simon knows about ducks quite well. They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll. Sometimes, it’s a bit confusing and Simon gets lost.

Story, direction, art direction: Jérémy Clapin
Technical director: Jean-François Sarazin (VANILLA SEED)
3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and 3D rendering : Alexandre Louvenaz, Hélène Emain, Floriane Hétru, Fabien Weibel, François Carrobourg, Quentin Piq
Setup Rigging: Fabien Weibel, Quentin Piq, Jean-François Sarazin
Animation and compositing : Jérémy Clapin, Alexis Artaud
Original music: François-Eudes Chanfrault
Pianist: Carole Stephanopoli
Sound design and mix: Eric Lonni (DIGITAL SALADE)
Foley: Bertrand Boudaud
Supported by : le CNC, Arte, the Procirep/Angoa-Agicoa and the Val de Marne Council.
Made with Blender, 2012.

  • P.w. Shelton

    This is so great. I love the atmosphere and textures.

  • sidney

    Wonderful short. As a Blender newbie it’s encouraging to see what other users can do with it.

  • Taco

    Well, between this & Feral by Daniel Sousa it’s pretty clear that the “animated illustration” is nigh upon us. Super Exciting time to be working with digital art. And I’m very VERY glad to see that a few people, mostly the French, are heeding the common sense notions testified by folks like

    Tim Johnson, seen here: of