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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘A Prank Time’ by Jaime Rodriguez

“Fat kid pulls a clever trick over his old man, with wacky results. Total hilarity as the fat kid crosses the Rubicon into disaster.” Film by Jaime Rodriguez, 2016.

(Thanks, Demetrius Seger and Corey, for the tip)

  • Gerry

    That was everything I ever wanted out of animation.

    • Regina

      ! so true, i have seen it here, better than I could have ever said it before ive made anything :D sending Jaime Rodriguez lots of love and im a fan

  • Mike Wolf

    Love it. Must share.

  • Greg Manwaring

    The main gag seems to take a page out of Jim Reardon’s Cal Arts film.

  • FM Hansen

    Nice to see someone actually remember that you can do anything with animation. Very cool. Reminded me a bit of Akira.