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Cartoon Brew Pick

“Solstice” by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder

This minute-and-a-half fantasy western is a 2D animated passion project that the two of us— Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder—crafted over our free nights and weekends for the past 2-3 months. We both split the work 50/50 from background painting to rough animation to clean up and everything between, however Ed did the music and compositing, and Lynn headed up the design. As of right now, this short is it, but hopefully one day we can expand on the world!

  • caryn boggs

    I cared about your characters right away. My hands got a lil’sweaty when they had to jump from one train to the other. Spectacular lighting & color. 5 out of 5 thumbs up!

  • Tapan

    Two of the most talented people I know! Amazing short.. congrats, guys!

  • Andy Fernandez

    Beyond amazing, these two need a movie!

  • Aliyu

    It was simply amazing. The story was compelling and I was already gearing up to see it in cinemas. Excellent work, I hope you can get to do a full length feature

  • SongCoyote

    Good heavens, that was beautiful! Please, set up a Kickstarter or
    flog it to Pixar or some other animation house so it can be made into a
    full length movie. Just those 90 seconds made me want to see more. More!

    …please? If that’s okay with you….

    Light and laughter,

    • Solstice

      Ok, I know everyone already said this, but…I want to see the full length feature! This is incredible! PLEASE, set up a kickstarter campaign. You WILL get the funding! I have no doubt! ;)

  • Nikhita

    This is ridiculously brilliant!! *excited*! More, more! This should be a feature!! <3

  • Chris

    Looking forward to bring my kids to see the long version !!

  • Maddy

    Wow, is this going to be a movie? If so, it looks absolutely brilliant!!

  • Ian Cook

    OK, when can I expect more of this?

  • eliseopau

    get in touch if you like this to be used on a music video: [email protected]

  • mick

    just plain brilliant. I was thoroughly gob smacked in every regard

  • Tim S