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Cartoon Brew Pick

“Sticky Ends” by Osman Cerfon

Jinx is a man with the head of a fish. Misfortune bubbles escape from his mouth. When one of them follows somebody, he becomes dogged by bad luck, and comes to a sticky end.

Original title: Chroniques de la poisse
Director: Osman Cerfon
Music/Sound: Denis Vautrin
Sets : Osman Cerfon, Darshan Fernando
Animation: Osman Cerfon, Grégory Duroy, Ulrich Totier
Compositing: Jean-Paul Guigue
Editing: Osman Cerfon, Franck Ekinci
Mix: Quentin Guigno
Production: Je Suis Bien Content

  • Befghist

    GREAT film! it was produced in 2011 BTW…

    • josemiguel

      actually 2010…

  • Walter White

    Whoa great film ! I only had seen “like rabbits” from the same director. This one rocks too !!!

  • Josué A. Advincola

    Well done and look at the gore.

  • Pierre Fontaine

    That was very funny and nicely done too!

  • Terry Border

    Fantastic. Actually laughed out loud at least 6 times at the craziness of it all. Just great.