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“SuperBot: A Magnifying Mess” by Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso and Pablo Alberto Díaz

SuperBot, a tiny toy robot, learns that reality depends on the looking glass you are looking through.

Produced by Trexel Animation
Direction, Script, Animation: Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso & Pablo Alberto Díaz
Character Design and Texturing: Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso
Cinematography and Postproduction: Pablo Alberto Díaz
Modeling and Rigging: Juan Elías, Matias Condomí & Nicolás Broner
Original soundtrack: Ber Chese & Ezequiel “Chicho” Scillone
Sound: Ber Chese & Ezequiel “Chicho” Scillone

  • sashatemp

    thats was really fun, and a gag I have never seen before. I also like that the robot was not perfectly sleek and had little detailed scratches.

  • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

    What an absurd premise for a cartoon. Fantastic! Nice work fellas.

  • James VanDam

    Very cute shot. Really creative gag and the animation was well exicuted. PS anybody else think the flea guy looks a bit like zoidberg from furturama?