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‘The Begun of Tigtone’ by Andrew Koehler

The Begun of Tigtone is a parody of every fantasy convention there is, from movies to games. And the star character of this story is Tigtone, a man whose personality is intentionally modeled after a two-dimnesional, anti-hero cliche. Along his journey, he is challenged by pointless puzzles, preposterously clad goddesses, and generic quest goals. Not even the dialog is safe from skewering, as the fantasy convention of convoluted language is parodied right down to the very title of the story.

Produced and Directed by Andrew Koehler

Written by Andrew Koehler, Benjamin Martin, Zack Wallenfang, Cody Larson

Nils Frykdahl as Tigtone
Bill Corbett as the Ghost Wizard
Lucy Davis as the Captive Sun
Mike Stoklasa as Beefankle the Blacksmith
Melora Creager as the Queen Princess of the Geodon Serpents
Stephen Lea Sheppard as the Wood Elf
Joseph Scrimshaw as the Newborn Cyclops
Hannibal Buress as Seed Steed
Gregg Turkington as the Cave Demon

Additional Voices:
Jay Bauman
Rich Evans
Dan Schlissel
Dawn McCarthy
Larry DiTillio
Rowby Goren


  • Sco

    I knew I recognized Bill Corbet!! XD

  • David Loomis

    MO-CAP on 2.5D figures??? Brilliant!

    • TStevens

      The Tigtone Kickstarter page elaborates on it a bit more.

      “A completely unique animation process was invented for this project and puts it in its own class apart from all the other fantasy comedy out there. The characters’ faces deform and warp based on motion capture data, creating some of the only 2D motion capture character animation in existence. Because of this, the illustrations live and breathe with frightening levels of detail. It’s unlike anything ever created, and it’s both cool and grotesque at the same time.”

  • Steven Bowser

    That was amazing

  • TStevens

    The technique was cool but the writing was way too chaotic and random. For 14 minutes of animation, it needed to be more than just a running gag reel (it kind of felt like it wasn’t even storyboarded). I’m not sure how many people will watch this more than once since it is hard to follow as a story.

    • Christian

      I agree completely. Despite the great animation and parts that were actually really funny, I couldn’t wait for “The Begun of Tigtone” to finally end, it was so painfully unfollowable half the time.