zerogon zerogon
Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Zerogon’ by Joshua Planz and John Mattiuzzi


A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.

Directors: Joshua Planz and John Mattiuzzi
Director of Photography: Eric Branco
Story Consultant: Anney Bonney
Character Animation: Ashley Gerst, Adam Momsen, Steve Ritler
3D FX: Mike Huang
SFX Makeup Artist: Kate Mary
Assistant Makeup: Jennifer Schelhorn
Script Supervisor: Maria Stern
Editor: John Mattiuzzi
Sound Design & Mixing: John Mattiuzzi
VFX: John Mattiuzzi, Josh Planz
“Do The Cobra” Written and performed by Juanitos, from the album “Best of”
“Flatland” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Soundtracks_ Video & Performance Works”
“East” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Bezem”
“Divided By Oceans” by Amotz Plessner.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the love!

  • exil de champ

    Sometimes I envy the Angler Fish male, go everywhere together, snuggled up till death.

  • GW

    The main spider guy character is very intriguingly creepy. It would be interesting to see somebody who acts like that on the street.

  • Loved it, definitely unique and the visual was so crisp and gorgeous, I’d say that, along with the story structure, kept my attention throughout the vid.

    My only criticism is the foley used for the spider legs movement; it doesn’t fit the spider nor the surface it’s crawling on. That kind of distracted me.