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Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum #4: Leah Shore

(This episode contains strong language.)

Filmmaker Leah Shore drops by Cartoon Brew’s Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum to discuss her career path from cleaning Rachel Weisz’s hands to making the controversial festival-circuit-hit-animated-short, Old Man, featuring the voice of Charles Manson. Inbetween, she explains why she needs to get revenge on Golden Girls actress Betty White.

Leah Shore’s website
Old Man film site

  • Shore is a superstar.

  • Ben

    Saw this trailer almost a year ago – lovin’ the Charles Manson found audio animation. Should be a new genre!

  • Mark Neeley

    I’ve never posted anything negative about the site before but I have to say that it would astound me if anyone actually found the trite, sophomoric format/”humor” of this podcast entertaining or didn’t cringe waiting to hear from the guest (which even then is a struggle to get through). I had previously listened to the episodes with David Levy and Amid himself, went into this one completely open minded seeing as it is apparently now actually a part of the Brew site, ultimately the same result. And yeah, I obviously understand that this is the “shtick” of the hosts and I get what they’re trying to do with the dumb humor angle, just offering my subjective view that it’s terrible.

  • Gary Leib

    Leah is an inspired animation artist. I think she rules.

  • Max W

    Oh my god these hosts are atrocious, I don’t even care if my name is associated with this negative statement, they are almost unlistenable…

  • Henry Cohn

    I was curious to see how many more posts were tagged with Charles Manson.