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Banksy Captures Amazing Rebel Rocket Attack Footage

I’m not going to ruin this like so many other awful websites are doing. Just watch this new piece released by Banksy today.

Fantastic commentary on so many levels. We can discuss it after everyone’s seen it.

(Thanks, Ward Jenkins)

  • Well, uh. I certainly didn’t see THAT coming. Guess you could say I feel pretty…dumb.

    • Close3k

      AAAAAAHH, I see what you did there.

  • Toonio

    Banksy is cementing himself as the only true and honest artist of our generation.

    200 years from now people will understand the world we live in thanks to Banksy and no one else.

    • Ian Gamble

      That’s…saying a little much.

    • Ant G

      “the only true and honest artist” and “thanks to Banksy and no one else”… I’d be careful making absolute comments like those less you want people to dismiss your point for seeming ignorant.

      • Toonio

        [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

      • Tony

        I feel like perhaps you might’ve just missed some irony Ant.

    • mick

      yes be careful or risk a large dismiss

      I however agree entirely. In 200 years there will be a book… no… a leaflet, listing Banksy’s thoughts and upon it all knowledge will be based…. cue the dismissing

  • Close3k

    That kid had every right to be mad. I’d be mad, too!

  • d. harry

    I wonder if we’ll ever know who animated Dumbo in this?

    • Axolotl

      I did! It was swell working with Banksy. I was surprised at how short she was. She’s only, like, three feet tall. Very inspiring.

  • Steve n.

    where are you going…what are you chosen to do… when I where a hood… who am I?

    • krystal s

      perfect Gauguin reference

  • Daniel Ruiz

    Contemporary Rogger Rabbit.
    Should have kicked him in the…what rimes with walls? :-)

    • Alê Camargo


      • Tony

        Nose? Dat don’t rhyme wid walls!

    • Close3k


  • Jonathan Lyons

    Watch out, Timothy Mouse is going to go all Rambo on those bastards.

  • Didn’t I already see this on The Simpsons? Maybe it was Family Guy…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It felt like something I would’ve read in MAD myself.