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Daffy Duck Shoes

Aren’t these attractive? Almost everyday some rare oddball piece of vintage cartoon memorabilia or ephemera shows up on Facebook or in my email box. It never seems to end… and each piece raises more questions than answers. Case in point: this pair of Daffy Duck slippers (above) and the super-cool off-model shoe box (below).

Warners art mega collector Eric Calande sent me these images – the latest additions to his superb Looney Tunes collection. I’m guessing it’s from the late 1940’s or early 1950’s – as Charlie Dog is featured as one of the characters and he didn’t appear until 1947. Man, Bugs Bunny looks like he’s eaten too many carrots. And the Daffy slippers – they’re despicable (but I want ’em)!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least there was love for Charlie Dog then.

  • Kristjan B.

    Collecting the cartoons (not only Warners) are more than enough for me, even that endless hunt.

  • Baron Lego

    Shoes for your feet and nightmares for your head!

  • Bugs Bunny has sexy hips…LMAO

  • That Daffy Duck slipper on the right looks really depressed. It makes me think it’s been violated in some horrible way.

    • Funkybat

      A foot the size of his entire body has repeatedly been inserted into his rear end. Can you blame him?

  • Gotta love how horribly off model Bugs is on that lunchbox. He must be what, 10 feet tall? Hahaha

  • Mel

    Being a collector of both animated media and vintage clothing… I adore those shoes. Simply fabulous.

    • Would you be interested in this item? Leave me a message.

  • top cat james

    “I’d like to see something nice in a pair of bedroom slippers.”

    “Confidentially, so would I! HUH-UH-UH-UH-UH-UH-UH”

  • I notice the all the characters have something in their hands. What are the square objects being held by Sylvester and Tweety?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I believe those are song sheets. They’re doing the vocals in this ‘band’.

      • Thanks! I was hoping they weren’t about to roll their own cigarettes to help get them in the mood to enjoy the concert they are about to experience. I hope the band plays some real looney tunes! It looks like Elmer is planing to go hunting after the concert!

        • Chris Sobieniak

          You had a better explanation than I did Charles, and I’m jealous I couldn’t come up with a better explanation than that. I bow at your feet!

          • No need to bow. I’m glad you liked my explanation!
            I am fascinated with the idea that the designers of the box thought that these were musical characters possibly because of the series’ names. Could it be that they weren’t familiar with the cartoons?

  • James Cimarusti

    Sylvester and Tweety are holding their cue cards which say “I tawt I taw a badly drawed rabbit!” and “Do I have to box that huge rabbit ???!!!” ;)

  • Hannah

    I noticed Sniffles the Mouse is on the box. But no love for Claude Cat or Hubie and Bertie?

  • dbenson

    Back in the day, AAP put out 8mm home releases of the Looneys they owned. They also put out a box to keep your 8mm boxes in, decorated with the same care and design sense used on the titles they added to cartoons. If your mega-collector has that, I’d like to see it again.

    • rnigma

      The art on the shoe box almost reminds me of the Sunset Productions title card tacked onto the B&W Looney Tunes, especially with the flutist Porky.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Don’t forget A.A.P. as well! It was the same way.

  • I couldn’t help but think Bugs looks like he’s wearing a Bugs Bunny costume.