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Finding Technicolor


This image just makes me smile.

Shirt.woot, a website devoted to offering tee shirts with unique designs, had this doozy up the other day, Finding Technicolor. It was drawn by New Zealand based illustrator David Creighton-Pester, and I love the Terry/Van Beuren feel to it.

On an unrelated T-shirt note, Pen Ward has completed his collection of 12 tee-shirts devoted to his incredible Frederator short Adventure Time. Check them all out here.

(Thanks, Travis Gentry)

  • I would definitely buy that tee shirt :-)

  • Pop-eyed

    The water should resemble pieces of rice or iron filings. It was the golden age of rice water!

  • What, no yellow? This looks more like Cinecolor! That doesn’t change the fact that I’m getting one.