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Is This How You Listen to “Lion King” Music?

French animator David Besnier who was featured here last week for his impressive Flash website banner returns again with a humorous short revealing how he listens to music from Disney’s The Lion King. The piece has racked up over 85,000 views on Vimeo in the two-and-a-half days since it’s been online. He created the piece for Christmas Experiments, a website that presents 24 short online projects by digital artists throughout the month of December.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Wish this were a bit longer but its got a lot of replayablity to it, I crack up every time.

    • jhalpernkitcat

      Yeah, I would have loved to have seen him reenact the baby Simba being lifted sequence with his cat.

  • Bob Harper

    Great job David! Thanks for helping silence many of the Flash haters out there by delivering consistently stellar work!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I saw this on the front page of Deviantart–it’s hilarious. I love the part with the cat.

  • s.e


  • Jim Ryan

    Love this, honestly can’t get enough! Thanks CB for posting this gem!

  • Daniel Brown

    I’m pretty sure he does most of his work in flash.

  • otterhead

    I love the little “tick!” with his pen at the end. Yep, I know this music inside and out, too.

  • Jason

    This is exactly the kind of thing I could see as the evolution of the newspaper comic strip.

  • Marckos Paulo Luiz

    Wait! He’s working naked?

  • George Comerci

    I love his work!