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Mickey Mammaries

Combining two iconic Hollywood stars, pop artist Ron English has created a limited edition “bust” of Marilyn Monroe (click on image above to see full sculpture). For more info on these works of art, see the Toys R Evil blog.

  • Katella Gate

    Ron English puts the “Syn” in “Synergy”.

  • Look out– here comes James Dean with a Popeye-head penis!

  • James T


  • pizzaforeveryone

    this is a good idea

  • Brad Constantine

    Is it just me ..or shouldn’t Mickey’s nose be a little “perkier”?
    someone turn on the AC…..

  • pspector

    I would have thought that Joe DiMaggio would be one breast and Arthur Miller the other.

  • Jason


  • Rafa

    Full body sculpture, please, with “Happy Beaver” on it!

  • Looking at the full image, I think the Mickeys look fine…it’s Marilyn’s head that looks kinda scary.

  • I’ve seen a lot of Ron’s stuff at the Yves Laroche gallery here in Montreal and much more online. Much of it is sophisticated and ironic and smart, and some of it is head-scratching and peculiar. An overweight Ronald McDonald I can grok, but what’s he saying with this piece? That Disney is run by boobs?

  • Darin M

    I still want to touch them.

  • I remember this illustration from way back when (on the cover of some animation magazine)! Cool and yet disturbing at the same time. :)

  • America all in one. Fabulous!

  • Paul N

    This is so thoughtful and groundbreaking. Oh wait; no, it’s not…

  • Twin Peaks. David Lynch, where are you?

  • Hmmm… interesting concept. But the final sculpture is not too well executed —Marylin’s face looks weird, for starters.

  • I like it. Plus, it gives us a new euphemism. “Nice Mickeys!”

  • walty

    which one’s chocolate??

  • Thad

    Nomn! I’d LOVE to have this.
    But Paul Spector, I think Johnny and Bobby would be more appropriate…

  • a reader

    Paul N and I have the same reaction: this schtick is so old it’s got whiskers. Yawn.

  • william wallace

    Thanks for the mammaries? “I don’t know anything about art…but I know what I like….and it aint this”.There, I said it before anyone else did. This is another example of someone taking a lazy way out…combining two icons…to supposedly create a work of art? I don’t buy it..especially using ones where the owner is dead and can’t defend themselves…tacky! What’s next…Warhols with “Campbell’s Dupe Cans”?

  • Professor Widebottom

    For a time, I thought this was anatomically correct, coming from a very religious family from Utah.

  • top cat james


    C cup


    Y? Because a Donald Duck vajayjay is too disturbing to contemplate


  • Aerial Flyer

    As a “pop art” piece, its great. But seeing how many of you guys on here are animation geeks, it won’t be taken seriously (going by the comments so far)

    Congrats to Ron English though. Flawless boobs!

  • Marylin looks like Thatcher.

  • Will you guyz post something else? I’m getting looks at work…Everyone thinks I like Mickey-related porno now.

    Just kidding. I remember seeing the original illustration in an art book a long time ago.

  • Artisticulated

    Marilyn Leno???

  • Just thinking this thru to the logical consequences… where does the purchaser display such a thing? Not for just for the first hour, but permanently?

  • Tsimone Tse Tse

    Imagine that in a tight sweater!

  • sporridge

    Wasn’t this in a Ken Russell movie? Think it was “Gothic”? (Oh, wait, those were eyes in lieu of nipples…)

  • Pedro Nakama

    You’re just milking this for a story.

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    This gives me an idea for a piece titled “Minnie’s Yoo-hoo”. Seriously though, the Disney corporation used to use boob jokes all the time. That was before they got all “P.C.” and gave the girl in Knick Knack breast reductions.

  • Yeah but look what Ron English can inspire (probably NSFW):


  • Paul N

    “the Disney corporation used to use boob jokes all the time. That was before they got all “P.C.” and gave the girl in Knick Knack breast reductions.”

    That wasn’t Disney; that decision was all Pixar.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Er… Titmice?

  • Roger Thornhill

    Do they bite?

  • Silvia Lisart

    In the dialect of the Calabria Country (Italy), there’s a particular word to define mammaries, that is “Minne”, which is the particular way to mispell Mickey’s girlfriend, Minnie!

  • Ashley

    I was confused… So I enlarged it. It still doesn’t make sense.