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One-Of-A-Kind Fleischer “Gulliver” Action Figure

Dear Santa, Please bring me one of these…

German sculptor Bernd Muller, who makes medieval figures in 1/6 scale for museums and collectors, has a nice post here about his latest custom-made commission – Gulliver from Max Fleischer’s 1939 feature, Gulliver’s Travels. Want one? Sorry, but it’s one-of-a-kind. Beautiful work, Bernd – maybe if we ask nicely you’ll make us a “Gabby”…

(Thanks, John Loter)

  • I’m not a huge fan of “Gulliver’s Travels”–I always thought the Fleischers were brilliant at making shorts but didn’t do as well on their features–but I would love to have this figure. It’s beautifully done.

  • Bud

    1/6th Scale? Might small…!!!

    Cool find.

    • Neil Emmett

      He must be in Brobdingnag.

  • If the proposed Gabby figure was made at the same scale as the Gulliver, I guess it’d be about as tall as your thumbnail. Which would be awesome.

  • Jess

    I want a Hoppity goes to Town doll!

  • TheDirtyVicar

    “My, my!”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s a hap-hap-happy day to see someone make this!

  • eeteed

    actually, there was a gabby doll made back in the 40’s.

    it was made out of wood, and it was quite nice. it was made by that company that made wooden dolls of other fleischer characters (i’ve seen betty boop, bimbo, popeye, and superman figures).

  • eeteed
  • Found my work here and i was very pleased about your comments. Thanks. It was made for Mitchell Perkins, the author of the new graphic novel “Gulliver´s Travels”- take a look to his work! It is always a great pleasure to bring the ideas of a figure to life…

  • Hey, I love this action figure! It reminds me of seeing the film when I was a boy. I like this post too… keep it up.


    Wheres the little people?