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Rare Animation Posters at Auction

Okay, this is an unabashed plug, aimed at our more culturally refined readers. Next Thursday and Friday Heritage Auctions is having an incredible movie poster auction featuring some incredibly rare pieces – several of which are from the collection of our pal, Leonard Maltin. Click the images below to see some of the material Leonard has decided to part with: rare one-sheets including Mutt & Jeff in Occultism (1918), Disney’s Donald Applecore and Don’s Fountain Of Youth; the complete set of lobby cards for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs with a piece of the original brown-paper mailing envelope from RKO; and a three-sheet from Dumbo.

This is the auction that got some press last week due to the inclusion (not Leonard’s) of what is purportedly Disney’s first Mickey Mouse poster. Prepare to drool: Click here to see the complete selection of animation goodies.

  • The “Donald Applecore” poster creeps me out. Something about Donald’s red pupils….

  • Why is Leonard parting with these wonderful pieces?

    • I won’t speak for Leonard – but you should see what he isn’t selling!

      For a better answer see Leonard’s blog.

  • Aaron B.

    I love browsing their weekly auction listings. A lot of the Sunday movie poster auctions include reprints, but there are still plenty of classics that cycle through every once in a while.

  • these are absolutely gorgeous !