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Ray Bradbury, RIP

Ray Bradbury has died at the age of 91 The above painting of Bradbury was created by The Incredibles production designer Lou Romano.

Today would also be a good day to:

Watch Ray Bradbury’s Oscar-nominated animated short Icarus Montgolfier Wright.

Read a funny anecdote from Brad Bird about Ray Bradbury’s work on the animated feature Little Nemo.

See the never-before-published notes from a space-related meeting at Disney with Ray Bradbury and Ward Kimball.

  • The Gee

    He lived a very long life and was fortunate to have many of his ideas embraced and adapted beyond his initial descriptions of them. He also influenced many who were lucky that he came around at a great time. That is evident in the work he left behind and which was created and attempted in his lifetime. I would think his stories played a outsized role in influencing many early films and other visionaries who tried to make it to the moon and beyond.

    Hopefully he was content with his role. People don’t usually get a chance to see how their lives impact the world around them.

    Though, I have yet to wrap my head around his designing of malls, if that is what he liked doing, making environments like that, whatever.

  • Bill

    Had a chance to talk to him many times over the past 40 years. Especially enjoyed being on the lot while “Something Wicked…” was being filmed. He is missed, but as Mr. Electro told him, he’ll “live forever”.

  • http://youtu.be/uPfRwh1tVaY

    I know, but I couldn’t help it ;)

    Rest in Peace.

  • Mike

    Recently SpaceX carried the ashes of James Doohan and Gordon Cooper into orbit (among many others). It would be great to see the same happen for Ray Bradbury—as a tribute to a great writer, and fitting as he wrote a beautiful story called “Kaleidoscope.”

    I won’t ruin the ending for those who haven’t read it, but for those who have, you know what I mean.

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Bradbury.

  • TheBandSnapsBack

    Every time I eat a prune, I’ll think of you, Ray.


  • I remember reading a joint interview with Ray Bradbury and Chuck Jones in an issue of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine (April, 1968). At the time, I dug Ray’s writing and Chuck’s cartoons; after I’d read the piece a time or three, I was incredibly impressed with Ray’s passionate, positive attitude and incredibly disappointed with Chuck’s already expanding self-image. A few months later, I was fortunate to meet Mr. Bradbury, who was everything that interview promised he would be and more. On the other hand, I could never enjoy a Chuck Jones cartoon the same way again.

    • Steve C.

      I have to agree here..

  • Ray always looked perfectly at home strolling around the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank. He was a regular visitor to Walt’s fantasy factory, and we’ll sure miss him.

    • The Gee

      I’m certainly not the biggest sci-fi guy (there’s a joke there I won’t bother typing)….
      however, I have read enough of Bradbury’s stories and about him to believe he, along with other sci-fi storytellers, must have help influence the direction of how we see the future. It seems like Disney must have been inspired somehow by Bradbury.

      I know there was lots of magazines, comic strips-like Flash Gordon, the 1939 World’s Fair in NYC and a lot of other stuff helped people embrace how the future might be. But, Bradbury was one of the ones who seemed attuned with how people fit into it, for better or for worse. That shows up in a lot of things that we perhaps take for granted.

      I may be wrong…. but, if so, it can’t be by that much.

      Also, I’m kind of surprised more haven’t commented. I know the animation connection may seem tenuous but it is there along with a lot of things that a part of a large segment of pop culture, technology and creativity.

  • Bradbury’s Comic-Con appearances were always a highlight — sometimes THE highlight — of the show for me. I’ll never forget one thing he said at one of them a few years ago: “You’ve got to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”