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Rose McGowan as Betty Boop

First it was Alvin and the Chipmunks, then Yogi Bear. Once again, Hollywood has its way with animation history…

(Thanks, Thad K. and Rob Yulfo)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’d watch it!

  • Emm

    That was just plain weird. Do young folks these days even know/care about older characters like Betty Boop and Popeye? What’s next for Funny Or Die? Homages to Barney Google, Blondie, and Alley Oop?

    And any animation fan knows that Betty was a Jewish girl from the Lower East Side in NYC!

    • Stephan

      Stupid stupid young folks, name dropping Max Fleischer and joking about the economic differences between the great depression and today!

    • ok

      your sense of comedy, sillyness and satire makes me weep.

  • Donald Duck 12

    Terrible Walt Disney impression.

    • J.M. Urbina

      Yeah looks like the new Walt Disney stereotype aside from Jew hating Nazi is Walt Disney as a Flamboyant gay? LAME

  • Hollywood having it’s way with animation history? Jerry, please! You’re giving Hollywood way too much credit here. If this was real it’d take place in 2011 not the 1920s, feature songs by Katy Perry rather than Stothart and Ruby, and have a mo-cap version of Bimbo voiced by Jonha Hill making fart jokes.

    • cvb

      you forgot it’ll be in 3D

  • Where’s Grim Natwick?

  • Luke

    Is this…..Is this real?

    • Keith

      Well, it’s on Funny-or-Die, so… yes, it MUST be real.

    • Jonathan

      Luke After Dentist?

    • wilder12

      I find your lack of parody disturbing.

      Funny Or Die parody sense tingling. Must not fight urge to thank many that this is not a real movie or ever will be.

      Wanders off to watch the Willie Wonka fake horror trailer on Funny Or Die that looks a hell of a lot better than this parody.

  • It is so off the wall and historically inaccurate that it is either going to lots of fun (I hope) or a complete piece of, well, we won’t bother with that.

    What it may do is lead to a restoration and release of Betty’s films on dvd and blu-ray.

    That would be worth Boop–oop-a-dooping about.

    • Jonathan

      you know it’s from, right?

  • Sunday

    That could have been …….. so much better.

  • I’m immediately reminded of Jean Teasdale.

    “The first investment I considered was Betty Boop stuff. You would not believe how many products are licensed under the character, and they’re soooo unbelievably cute! There’s bobble-head dolls and music boxes and snow globes and salt-and-pepper shakers and alarm clocks and coffee mugs and purses and shower curtains and sleep shirts—you name it, they make it! And all the stuff is remarkably affordable, so $400 could go a long way. I could sit on it for a couple years, then sell it on eBay for a big profit.

    The chief drawback was that I didn’t know anyone who owns or wants to collect Betty Boop merchandise. I suspect it was because the original cartoons are so weird. I was flipping channels one morning and came across an old Betty Boop cartoon on American Movie Classics. Betty didn’t look anything like she does on the merchandise. She had the face of a dog and she had this dog boyfriend who was trying to have his way with her. Then a string of frankfurters came to life and danced around. It was all pretty out there and not one bit adorable. ”,16215/

  • Paul M

    Too bad they didn’t call Robin Williams for a cameo…

  • FleischerFan

    Absolutely priceless! Am I correct in spotting Billy Zane as Max?

  • Jorge Garrido

    I like Billy Zane as the dashing soundrel Max Fleischer. Finally, cartoonists are portrayed as they always should have been!

  • uncle wayne

    Now that is just “laff out loud,” for sure!! Hysterical! Thanky!

  • tom

    The comments in this thread add up to a perfect explanation of why I don’t stop by CB that often anymore. Joyless, arrogant and clueless comments do not draw a crowd of anything but joyless, arrogant and clueless readers.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty amazing people think this a trailer for an actual movie. I guess they were too busy to pounce all over it to notice it’s a joke.

      This recent article might be of use to some:

      It says scientists have located the parts of the brain that comprehend sarcasm. Hang in there internet, help is on the way!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Sarcasm is still not very well known in some parts of the world like in Asia I’m told.

  • Unless this is something new for FoD, this is a one-off, not an actual trailer. That won’t stop Betty Boop fetishists (sorry, fans) from frothing, but at least they won’t have to stay up nights worrying about a whole movie.

  • This makes me want to see a movie where John Waters plays Walt Disney.

  • Mark

    Almost enough to make me want to burn my Betty Boop VHS collection and comics. Almost.

  • My mistake. I thought it was a trailer. Too bad. Might have been a neat film.

  • Gobo

    Er… do the folks commenting here realize that this is a parody trailer from the Funny or Die folks, and not an actual movie? Please tell me you don’t think this is serious. Tell me you know when something’s meant to be funny. Please?

    • Nick Ingram

      Was just about to say that, it’s funny or die! never has it ever been taken seriously!

    • Emm

      It wasn’t funny. It died.

      • anonymous

        Is it worse that Jerry actually posted about it like it was real?

      • Emm

        I thought it was obvious, even before viewing the clip, that it wasn’t a “real” project. If Hollywood actually made a CGI mo-cap Boop film, it would turn out even worse.

  • Magical.

  • uncle wayne

    and i adore that they made her head bigger-than-body (just like in “real life!”) High-larious!!!

  • Glad you SNOBS are living up to your reputations. Its a parody… its funny, stop giving it too much thought. Jesus.

  • Give ’em a “Temple Grandin”/”Wizard of Oz” opening, have her perform in nightclubs, make a bad image of Walt Disney, no mention of the 1939 cancellation and the Paramount takeover…..and you’ve got a weird movie.

    Not to mention a generic real Betty Boop instead of Helen Kane who was the real Betty Boop.

    Not to mention no use of the current version of the Paramount “Majestic Mountain” logo in warp-speed to give irony that Paramount was the original distrubutor of these cartoons.

    • tom

      Temple Grandin indeed. It’s nice to see you post on here, robot boy.

    • David Breneman

      1939 cancellation? It was the motion picture code in 1934 that made Betty Boop irrelevant.

  • Paul K

    Brilliant! The Social Network reference was gold as well.

    It’s funny that I’d much rather see a satirical spoof of the “needless CG adaption cartoon/live-action mix” genre than actually watch the dedicated franchises (Yogi Bear, Flintstones, Smurfs, etc. )

  • Michel Van

    Please god, is this just a “Fake Trailer” ?

    i get sick of the lates ” Blaxploitation” of classic Cartoon
    (better call it Cartoonxploitation)
    damm you Hollywood

    • Gobo

      Yes, it’s fake. It’s from Funny Or Die… a humor site. It’s obviously fake.

      And the last thing this is is “blacksploitation”.

  • Ned Parsons

    Max Fleischer got all the testosterone in this parody, leaving Walt Disney wanting. Making Boop’s cranium that dead realistically huge is brilliant satire of the literal minds involved in the torrent of preciously over-rendered corporate CG animated features soon coming to a theater near you.

  • The chin is too big. If they had gotten the chin right that would put it over the goal line for me.

  • Sarah (with an h)

    Her enlarged head was giving me a little uncanny valley. *shudder* Also this makes me really wish there is a movie based on Max Flisher. Now THAT I would watch.

    • Kyle Maloney

      Its Not real, get it through your heads people.

      • Sarah (with an h)

        Yes I am fully aware that it is fake, thank you.

  • AaronSch

    As a call of action to “Funny or Die,” I suggest we all grab our shovels and start digging—there’s barely a pulse.

  • she’s lovely

  • J.M. Urbina

    Fkn Billy Zane is stealing my groove :9

  • Hal

    “You should listen to your friend Billy Zane – he’s a smart guy.”

    That “…what IS cool is a plate of flapjacks” line was a nice bait and switch.


  • Emily

    Hahahaha…so bizarre that it became funny!

  • The Gee

    Please, folks, don’t come across as more comical than that short video tries to be.

    To “Emm,” perhaps not all of the youngest young’uns know of Betty Boop, by way of the actual cartoons or the character’s name, and even fewer know the other players in the skit.

    However, the Boop character, similarly to a photo of Betty Page, is iconic enough that most people would recognize it if they saw a drawing of it, especially “hip” kids.

    As if it matters though. Funny or Die isn’t in the business of making comedy shorts for kids. So, I feel goofy even responding to that.

    For what it is worth, the short itself was likely the result of:

    Haha, we’ve joked about the size of her head for years. Can we bypass that tedious, time consuming animation process to make a parody* short about Betty Boop, featuring someone’s CG enlarged melon?
    That’ll be easy. Let’s do it.
    *I’m not sure it was worth doing but, hey, whatever, right? The concept of “if she was real” always been funny/freaky enough.
    Admittedly, the effort was more than I expected. There are a lot of scenes to it.

  • Ad

    “I’m Walt Disney dammit!!!” so funny

  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel

    Betty was being stalked and literally assaulted by pedoes and perverts through her career, then let herself go for the needs of a travel brochure about Miami in ’42, and now we learn that she also hit her face with an axe, leading her to have a plastic surgery…

    Poor girl.

  • FleischerFan

    Reading the large number of people who did not see the satire in this clip, I am wondering if they find cartoons funny or think they are actually documentaries.

  • Kate

    the big head effect looked awesome!

  • AJ

    It’s sad that a bootstrap budget parody site can make an obsurd trailer and can still fool the casual observer into thinking its a real movie.

  • Paul N

    I guess I was one of the few that noticed the “Funny Or Die” logo even before I clicked on the clip…

  • They should release it as a double bill with Titin….

  • Bimbo

    Dis ain’t no Betty. When we knew eachudder back in de toities Betty had de chubbiest gams and snakiest arms jes de way we liked ’em. When we wasn’t duckin the law we was strokin’ eachudder like nobodys bizness. One day she hooked up wit some crazy old coot in an electric house and dat was dat but I’ll never forget dem days.

    • Whoever-you-are: I wish I’d beaten you to this.

    • Emm

      Best comment in the entire thread! :)

  • That was pretty good, actually.

  • I don’t think that I will be able to sleep tonight after watching that.

  • TJR

    “Pancakes are nifty” LMAO

    This was hysterical but frightening. I say frightening because it came so close to what you might actually see a real Hollywood studio doing.

    ……Oh and in response to the first post from Emm: I don’t know about the guys, but I run into lot’s of young women who love Betty Boop. Most of them have never seen the cartoons. But they love the image of the character and love to collect Betty merchandise.

  • Brian

    This might be the s*****t thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    This is a very amusing ‘trailer’. I’m glad it’s not a real movie.


  • John A

    Billy Zane is great as Max Fleischer, but he should have been sporting the then popular lil’ Hitler ‘stash that he wore in the Out of the Inkwell cartoons.

    There should have been at least one scene of Betty with her “sassy gay albino pal” Koko.

  • Keith McCaffety

    I’m SO glad this was a joke!

  • loving the trailer – to be honest, great blog!