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Scary Warner Bros. Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, Warner Bros. has started selling a new crop of character costumes on their on-line store. Is it just me or do Scooby, Tom, and Jerry all look like demented PEZ dispensers about to vomit up small children?

(Thanks, Alex Rannie)

  • Autumn

    Holy cow, zombie Batman! Awesome

  • Jow

    Are You Sure That’s Not Conterfit?

  • Charles M.

    HA! Good one Jerry.

  • no…it’s NOT “just you!!”

  • Anne

    Those are soooo cute! Thanks for posting them. I’m definitely getting the Scooby Doo costumes for me and the fam.

  • Alê Camargo
  • jesus chambrot

    Well played ,Jerry. Well played.

  • wow, looks like our favorite cartoon characters are developing strange Goiters that resemble kids faces. oh the horror. :)

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    As Patton Oswalt says re: little kids coming to his door on Halloween dressed as his character Remy from Ratatouille – “Look, you’re inside me”!

  • Those are not nearly as unsettling as the numerous “sexy” character costumes Warner Bros. officially licenses every year including Sexy Dorothy, Sexy Daphne, Sexy Wilma, Sexy Pebbles, Sexy Supergirl, and even a Sexy Marvin(!).

    • Planty

      My favorite is Sexy Stimpy

      • Planty

        Not WB, I know, but still……..

    • Polecat

      Please please please please let “Sexy Pebbles” be a typo.

    • Where is Sexy Velma?

  • dbenson

    Sccoby, Tom and Jerry look less like costumes than pajamas for babies. Proper costumes, as any little kid knows, put your eyes behind the mask’s eyes.

    Will allow they’re more impressive than the standard model of my youth: brittle plastic mask with a rubber band strap (not workable over glasses), plus that fake cloth scrub with an odd T-shirt design on the chest.

  • Bill the Splut

    Daphne model’s arm.
    Daphne model’s arm.

    • CG Animator

      Oh God… CAN’T UNSEE!!!!

  • Brian O.

    Very happy Warner Bros. Will be represented at the next Furries convention.

  • me and my lady are gonna dress up as Shaggy and Velma for Halloween and our 2 month old is gonna be Scooby

  • Aaron B.

    Obviously, you guys haven’t seen this season’s ADVENTURE TIME outfits: Finn (01, 02), Jake, Princess Bubblegum; and POWERPUFF GIRLS: Blossom.

  • Glowworm

    I’m more disturbed by the Female(!) Marvin the Martian costume I saw on that site when I clicked on the link.

    Because it’s only natural that Marvin’s eyes should be worn on your little girls chest.

    • top cat james

      “Where’s the kabooms?”

  • Peter J Casey

    Roooby Rooby ROOO!!! – hack!!! *GASP* *VOMIT*

    “Jinkies!! The Orphan Devouring monster was Scooby all along!”

    “Zoiks! Like Scoob! I hope you like Euthanasia.”

    “RUT ROUGH!!”

  • craig m

    With the Tom and Jerry costumes, are mallets and hacksaws included or sold separately?

  • stuff dude man

    whatever happened to dressing up as a “Ghost”, or a “Witch”? and how does the idea of dressing up as Tom or Jerry even make sense?

    • Funkybat

      Kids have liked to dress up as non-scary cartoon characters for years. I’m pretty sure they had cheap plastic mask Tom & Jerry costumes back in the 60s and 70s, if not earlier.

      I tend to prefer people stick to spooky/scary for their costumes, as the endless parade of “sexy” characters and completely corporate costumes makes Halloween more of a general masquerade than a special holiday But I would rather see kids dressed as their favorite cartoon characters instead of some of the other trends I’ve been seeing. In the last 10 years, Halloween has turned into a low-rent, less creative version of Comic-Con’s cosplay scene.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Just be thankful they’re not bringing out Frankenstones or
    Weirdly Gruesome & family costumes.

  • Oliver

    Perhaps the “demented PEZ dispenser” look was inspired by the obscure but infamous Marvel superhero ‘Razorback’:


  • Kel

    Actually, Scoob looks like he’s about to vomit up a kid. In the case of T&J it looks like the swallowed kids have ripped holes in the poor animals’ throats in their attempts to get out.

    Well, Halloween is supposed to be scary.

    • Funkybat

      Yeah. I’m not really getting why all these costumes stick the faces of the character on top of the wearer’s heads. The fun of Halloween is to be disguised as someone else. Probably some kind of modern-day “safety” thing…

  • AC

    I’d totally rock that Daphne.

    By sheer coincidence, I’m wearing an old favorite Scooby-Doo Halloween shirt too. Heh.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Somehow this makes me feel prouder for the costumes my mom made either from patterns or scratch that weren’t as cheesy as these.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Where are the Cattanooga Cats and Hair Bear Bunch costumes?????????????