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The “Frozen” Cake to Beat All “Frozen” Cakes

Some artists create their artwork using a pencil and paper, others use a mouse and a monitor, and my favorite kind uses flour, sugar, and eggs. This insanely huge and probably delicious Frozen cake featuring sculptures of Olaf and Sven was made by UK-based cake-making wizard Laura Miller. I didn’t quite believe it was made out of food goods until I saw the ‘making of’ photoset. The cake was created for Make-A-Wish UK’s Bake a Christmas Wish fundraiser.

Ganached and facial features made using modelling chocolate

Covered in white fondant

First spray of color

Adding some darker tones and black to create contrast

  • Dana B

    The true meaning of “It looks too good to eat”. Seriously, HOW could anyone wanna eat something with that much craftsmanship?

    I kinda wished she would’ve showed pics of the cakes without the fondant already on. Very impressive none-the-less.

  • Nikolas

    Fondant is nasty-tasting stuff. I have much more respect for people who make elaborate cakes using old-fashioned butter frosting.

  • tredlow

    That looks amazing. When I was a kid, I cry every time I see someone biting the ear off a Mickey Mouse Popsicle. And that’s just a circle with two more circles on top of it. I would have bawled my eyes out seeing those cakes get eaten.

  • Pedro Nakama

    The character themed cakes look good but almost all of them are made with fondant and they taste horrible. Personally I prefer pie to cake.

  • Mohegan

    Surprised to read that more people dislike Fondant. It’s the most icky stuff I ever tasted. Waaaaay too sweet!

    The cakes however, look lovely!

  • Kl

    that is unbelievable…absolutely unbelievable the modern day statue…and edible to boot!

  • Chamise

    Wow, why do people spend the energy to put negative comments regarding such a display of talent. Really…. dis on the fondant. Frankly “I have much more respect” for people who stay wound up in their own little “critic” world all alone in their obviously miserable existence. Share some joy instead of trying to bring people around to your “negativity”. I think these are AWESOME.

  • Jo

    Wonderful job , they look so real BEAUTIFUL WORK keep it up some people just need to realize you can’t always have great taste and looks too lol fondant is not so bad THATS why it’s always BEAUTIFUL ;)

  • Holly cow that is freaking AWESOME!

  • Cyndi

    Fondant isn’t nasty if you make it yourself. This is an Awesome cake either way. Wow !