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The Smurfs: Bad for Animation, Bad for America

Smurf Bell Ringers

Video footage of the disastrous financial moment after the jump:


  • Martyn

    That music is quite literally the worst thing I have ever heard. I feel like my ears have have just been colonised in by a swarm of angry bees.

    • Needs more vuvuzela to make it complete.

    • It sounds like the dynamic compositional styling of “Danny Felman”, or possibly “Mark’s Mother’s Bra”

  • um…

  • Wow! Now I know what the probable cause of the Great Depression back in the 20s and 30s– it was the Smurfs the whole time. And they came back to taunt us again. XD

  • Toonio

    This is what happens when you wreck the memories of those who are now in charge of the trading floor in Wall Street.

  • Eli

    To say nothing about the rise in rectal cancer caused directly by these cobalt demons.

  • that’s funny. And, i’ll assume,that my ass warming myself by a fire has something to do with global warming!

  • The Gee

    It’s also what happens when you let giant, fuzzy, blue commie pinkos ring bells in places they should not be allowed.

    It probably would have have been safer to have Gargamel ring that bell!

    • As well as when you’re distracting them with marketing when they should be continuing to inch themselves and the country closer to a heart attack in the high-pressure boiler room that is the NYSE.

  • Bob Harper

    As tongue in cheek this post is, it’s sad to think that this kind of thing actually does affect the U.S. Market. It fluctuates depending on who wins the Oscar or Superbowl.

  • Chris Powell

    Kinda big for smurfs, aren’t they?

  • 2011 Adult

    Is is almost as bad as FOX News blaming Spongebob for teaching false facts about global warming!

  • I always knew you couldn’t trust a smurf. I say we call open season on these blue devils!

  • Lucy

    You killed my 401K, you little bastards….

  • Heh, who’s in for teaming up with Gargamel and going smurf hunting for these smurfing smurfs?

  • For those of you wondering where Billy went at the end of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, he was sentenced to live among the Smurfs for all eternity.

  • Kitschensyngk

    Those damn communist Smurfs have infiltrated Wall Street and are trying to sabotage our economy!

    It’s like Blue Dawn, I tell ya!

  • Jumpman

    That Smurf on the right has a look that says “Yes, yes, all according to plan.”

  • Of course they want to bring down the US economy! They are communists. S.M.U.R.F.s is an acronym for Socialist men under red father.