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This One-Man Animation Team Can Recreate The Look of Any Animated Film

Animation studios had better watch out. Some guy claims he can recreate a still from any animated feature in just half an hour using Maya. See if you can tell the difference:

(h/t @SomethingSavage)

  • I can’t see the difference. Looks perfect.

    • Guest

      I second that.

      • Yeah the baby is spot on.

    • No, Buzz’s nose is way wrong.

  • Actually I think the remake of the Shrek and Pixar stills out do the originals. You cant beat ugly.

    • Sure you can. That’s why they invented the ugly stick.

  • The Tin Toy one is actually pretty close. That baby gave me nightmares as a kid.

  • x

    Which one is the original, again?

  • This guy is a genius.

  • Jody Morgan

    If this were someone sincerely believing his recreations were as good as the originals, then we’d have something, and I would chip in to a Kickstarter to have him make his own cartoon. But someone using Maya to make purposefully incompetent knock-offs of CG stills? I just don’t see the point.

    • Quiet Desperation

      We all got a chuckle?

      Well, almost all.

    • Liesje

      I think the ‘point’ (other than the obvious chuckle) is perhaps garner some respect from the people who think animators just push a button and – viola! Award-winning animated feature!

  • christy

    these rule!

  • T.D.

    Someone please fund a feature of this kind of animation. I would gladly pay to watch such a film.

  • Mick

    The shriek donkey is genius. I like this fella

  • Spencer

    The shot from Tangled looks more original than the real thing!

  • Julian

    Oh c’mon! You can’t say Donkey’s face isn’t pretty damn epic in his remake of the Shrek still.

  • Jim M


    Anyone else think this is another David O’Reilly troll?

  • Oh, I see, he was the lead animator on ‘Alpha and Omega’.

    • Lewis


      • iseewhatyoudidthere

        You mean “modeler”, right?

  • Altair

    I love Rapunzel’s new hair. It should go on a Hair Beauty Ad.

  • A++

  • wgan

    people need this to get motivated

  • Toonio

    All I need is this guy and another than can draft like Glenn Kleane in half of the time for me to start my own animation empire.

  • It’s uncanny

  • Kevin Martinez

    Some of these are surprisingly good given that they’re done by individual people in a half-hour. The Hollywood stuff looks as good as it does because armies of people slave away for years on those films.

  • …And so a bottomless pit of SUCK suddenly opened in Uncanny Valley…

  • Glowworm

    The Shrek one was awesome–loved what he did to Donkey.

  • Mac

    I love this so much. Its so the moment right now. How many students turned on Physical Sun and Sky and thought they could do anything. It’s hard to appreciate how the hours and hours of detail hammering that go into a feature film. 100 million dollars may seem like a lot, compared to a small commercial studio made up of like five guys. What do they get paid? Multiply until you have 90 minutes. But it’s wrong. Thats why we’re not inundated with boutique studios going from “service companies” to “product companies”, as they say in the Silicon Valley.

  • Alê Camargo

    His Pixar baby is compelling… compelling me to end its misery with a hammer.

  • John

    Stare at Dreamworks’ HTTYD, then yell, “Let’s get STUPID!”.
    Look at the reproduction.

    You see? The reproductions are just PARTYING HARDER!!

  • A new concept in uncanny valleys.

  • Steve a.

    Maybe this is the same lady that tried to touch up that painting of Christ in Spain!

  • I’d much rather watch his versions :)

  • Eric

    It’s actually much better than the originals. I’m gob smacked.

  • peter campofiori

    Somewhere, in an animation studio not so far away.. an studio exec is reading this post and saying to himself “that’s not so bad, why does it take the studio’s animation staff so long to do the same thing …Martha (that’s his secretary [they’re all named Martha]) get me that guys number”

  • Is this the same person who did that terrible Jesus painting restoration in Spain?

  • Lewis

    The Pixar baby looks the same. I like how the tin toy box is just a red cube.

  • Justin

    Is that a baby or a predator?

  • This entire comments section is is a teeming jungle of sarcasm. :)