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Zoinks! FOR SALE: The Mystery Machine

Hard times for the Scooby Doo Crew? Apparently the “Mystery Machine” is now on Craigslist! A six cylinder/3-speed 1969 A100 Dodge Van that the seller says “drives good”. Take it away for $3200… sounds to me like a steal!

(Thanks, Jeaux Janovsky)

  • That is the perfect touring van! Especially for any group that plays bubblegum…

  • Tony McCarson

    Now this is a van for a Hanna-Barbera fan!

  • droosan

    I used to see this van tooling around North Hollywood, when I worked in that area several years ago. I’d pictured his home mailbox as stuffed-full of ignored “C&D” letters from Warner Bros’ legal department.

    Warner Bros also has at least one tricked-out ‘official’ Mystery Machine van that they deploy for special events around L.A., now & then.

  • Paul N

    License plate is wrong. Velma said “jinkies!”

    • That plate was probably taken. By Velma.

    • And Shaggy’s catchphrase is “Zoinks!”

      • Zoinks! I’ll fix the typo.
        Thanks Scott!

  • Toonio

    Guess the stash inside the van it worth more the sale price which makes it a bargain.

  • Clutch

    shouldn’t the price be $420? ;)

  • Norton A

    At one time Joe Barbera kept the official Mystery Machine in his garage. No one has seen it since he died.

  • Cranky old guy in a costume

    I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky kids and their dog!

  • Mark McD

    About 8 years ago, I was on Interstate 57 passing through Kankakee, about 30 miles south of Chicago, and spotted “a” Mystery Machine in the lot of a repair shop. No chance to exit and track back to check it out. I just assumed there were a couple of those around the country as that was the time the feature movies were out. Never saw one again. Around these parts, you’re more likely to see the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile (and the Auto Museum in far northwest Volo, IL has one of the George Barris cars he made for “The Flinstones” live feature, as well as, of course, a Batmobile and Grandpa Munster’s “Drag-ula.”)

  • There used to be one of these in my neck of the woods. I caught a glimpse inside it one time, and was surprised and delighted to find that the floors and walls were upholstered in shag carpet. Shaggy + shag carpet = shag mobile?

  • I saw one parked in my hometown long ago….