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The Spanish Cartoon Modern of Estudios Moro

Estudios Moro was a Madrid, Spain animation studio started in 1955 by brothers Santiago and Jose Luis Moro. Their approach, while not strictly modernist, was heavily influenced by the Cartoon Modern approach of the era. There is little written about the studio in the English language, but from what I can discern, Moro appears to have been Spain’s leading producer of animated commercials. The studio’s success allowed it to open satellites in Barcelona and Lisbon during the Sixties.

Below are a few examples of theatrical commercials produced by the studio. If Spanish Brew readers know about Moro’s history or how to see more of their work, please share.

  • JodyMorgan

    Thanks for this sampling of Estudios Moro’s work; the Camel and chicken ads are particularly entertaining.

  • tonk82

    I’m spanish. And yes, it was one of the greatest animated studios in Spain. They were specially famous for their children ads like this: , telling kids that it was the time to go to bed. Those character even ended up having its own full lenght movie:, done by another great studio “Estudios macián” , famous around spain for their ads for cola-cao: Both studios usaually worked together.

  • txesco

    It’s surprising how hard is to find more stuff available except some video on youtube. Some time ago, there was an exhibition about this studio in Madrid and published a book, you can buy it here:

    The book is worth, explains the history of the studio and is accompanied by many images and sequences of frames.

  • Perdo Nakama

    Those were awesome. Thanks for posting.

  • Benjamin Arcand

    Amid, Thanks AGAIN for sharing such inspirational animation!
    Those are marvellous!

  • Woodrow Phoenix

    I went to the Estudios Moro exhibution in Madrid at the Sala des Exposiones el Aguila – very well designed, fascinating work. There were lots of screens showing their work for ads, titles, pop promos and tv shows, almost too much to take in one visit. I wondered if you knew about them, Amid!

    The catalog is well worth picking up even if you don’t speak Spanish. It is packed with images from 15 years of animation production by the studio, most of it would fit right into ‘Cartoon Modern’ without skipping a beat.

    I sneaked a few photos of the exhibits that you can see in my flickrstream here:[email protected]&q=estudios%20moro

  • Axolotl

    Those are great! (And now I never want to smoke a cigarette or use chicken bullion as long as I live.)

  • Borja Yagüe

    They even made a movie later called “El Mago de los sueños” that has some pretty impressive and experimental animation. Check it out!!

    • Noticing the opening credits, I see WB background artist Robert Gribbroek was on this!

      • Susana Rodriguez

        “El Mago de los Sueños” has been made by Estudios Macián, Estudios Moro was not involved in it at all!

  • Nicholas John Pozega

    This is a great post; I loved the camel and chicken ads, the former for its inventiveness, and the latter for being just plain funny!

  • w

    Hey Amid, You might want to get a hold of Fernando Moro, Animation Director over at SPA Studio.

    I believe Estudios Moro was his father’s studio, which Fernando inherited almost 20 ago and eventually sold. I remember him mentioning his father’s work quite a bit when Fernando and I worked/roomed together in Denmark.

  • manu mercado

    they were also producers and directors on the first animated show for cantinflas (a very popular mexican comedian) this show was called “cantinflas show” and was a delight to watch, i remember see it when i was a kid (in peru) really good memories, here you can watch the first episode of the first season:

    also you can check some concept art for the show (really nice illustrations) on this site, i fonund it some months ago and its still a delight to see them:

  • Juanjo Rogado Albert
  • Susana Rodriguez

    The first and the lasts adds animations, “La Canción del ColaCao” and “Entre Burbujas” have been done by Estudios Macián, not Estudios Moro. ;)

  • bigg3469

    As I know of the Moros brothers helped in the animation for The Canitinflas Show for Televisa of Mexico in 1972. As well as for the animated series” Marcellino Pan y Vino.