Afghanistan Is Making Slick Computer Animated Films Afghanistan Is Making Slick Computer Animated Films

Afghanistan Is Making Slick Computer Animated Films

Buz-e-Chini is being hailed in the news story above as being the first computer-animated short in Hazaragi, the language of the Hazara people, who are the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. The director, Abbas Ali, was born in Afghanistan, but fled the country when the Taliban took over and studied animation in Pakistan. The film appears to have been produced mostly in Pakistan since the production company is Karachi-based Post Amazers. Also, in the news piece above, the director indicates that he started production on the film while he was still living in Pakistan.

The entire film can be viewed below. It’s an impressive production based on a Hazara folk tale. The film is dedicated to Hussain Ali Yousafi, the voice of the wolf, who was assassinated in 2009. No one said making animated films in Afghanistan would be easy.

(Thanks, @PrinceofRazors)

  • Pedro Nakama

    This just in…
    Digital Domain to open a new studio in Pakistan.

  • Toonio

    Good for them. Animating quadrupeds ain’t a walk in the park.

  • Face

    A step in the right directions. There IS a good, calm peaceful side to Middle-eastern culture. Let’s see that!

  • tomm

    great to see!

  • Oliver

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I’ve seen some of Post Amazer’s work in the past and it’s really great to see a short from them.

  • I whole-heartedly support their effort to show the world the virtues of their cultural heritage :)

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    the internet, bringing noble causes together since bladdy bling a blonger

  • Gee whiz. That’s respectable technical work for a low budget. I feared this was another post like “Madagascar Knock-off”.

  • James

    Its certainly respectable work in terms of low-budget technical accomplishment.

    Also glad that the reporter mentioned Iranian animation as it is indeed some of the more dominant in that region of the world.

  • Pretty impressive work actually considering the budget and everything else. It’s film-makers and projects like these which will bring cultures together.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s certainly an interesting little piece, also nice to see a wolf who doesn’t get it too bad in the end this time around.

  • DD

    Buz-e-Chini is a very fun feature to watch. I think anyone who’s an animation fan or interested in folk tales should give this a watch.

    Being an Iranian-American, I don’t get to hear much about animation produced by Afghan, Iraqi, Persian, or other neighboring cultures. This was a refreshing article to read and I now have another artist to put in my bookmarks.