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“Chick” by Michal Socha

One of my favorite student films from a few years back — 2008, to be exact — has finally appeared on-line: Michal Socha’s Chick (Laska) from Poland. The images in this short stay with the viewer long after the film has ended thanks to a combination of stark production design and energetic animation, especially the jaunty dance of the lady, who appears to be a prostitute. The sex scene (safe for work) illustrates the effectiveness of abstracting an idea in animation instead of literally showing it. It may surprise some viewers to learn that the film was made primarily in CG, using 3D Studio Max along with After Effects and Toon Boom. Dig around the film’s official website to see the storyboards and concept art.

  • Yeah, I saw this a few years back.
    It’s terrific.

  • Conor

    A lot of really great visual ideas, and fantastic music. Personally, the character design kind of bothers me, and doesn’t come across as aesthetically appealing or relatable at all, but maybe that’s the point, maybe it’s aiming for the sensation of seeing something unsavory.

  • The fact that’s it’s composed with some CG isn’t surprising, it’s noticeable in certain aspects during the intro so I don’t know if that’s a thinly veiled dig but man… some of those sequences are INSANELY AWESOME! WOW!!! Music, vibe, emotion, humor and nice little ending to boot. Can’t remember the last thing I saw on Cartoon Brew that was immediately this engaging. Solid.

    Quick thought, it took THREE YEARS (!?!?!?) for the general public to see this? I’d say you have another argument for publicly releasing films online no?

  • Awesome, oh so awesome!

  • GW

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  • Wow! Terrific! Very smart visual cues- love the way the guy enters and sits down! Saul Steinberg and Saul Bass would approve ;)

  • Jane

    Very interesting! I love the design of everything and the colors. The part with the canes was really funny. And Gogo boots! L

  • is anyone able to explain to me the significance of the losing of the eyes? It works either way, but i’m curious as to what it means.

  • i live for the inspired
    creative animation that
    is so rare!

    lots to enjoy in this

  • Definitely one of my favorite films I saw at a screening about a year back. Love the visuals and designs!

  • Absolutely incredible on so many levels. Best thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

  • This is a brilliant little film – thanks for posting to it on the wonderful “Cartoon Brew”, Amid.