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“Doomed” By Guillermo Garcia Carsi

Natural selection can be cruel—especially for the outcast creatures of Doomed: A Biological Cartoon, a series pilot by Pocoyo co-creator Guillermo Garcia Carsi. The short was produced through Carsi’s Madrid studio El Senor. Like his earlier series Pocoyo, the world of Doomed finds virtue in restraint. A stark-white backdrop sets the stage for a parade of sparely designed creatures (cube-fish says it all) who move in unexpected fits and spurts (credit belongs to animation director Txesco Montalt for the latter). The sole embellishment is the hyperreal rendering style, which is the perfect touch of whimsy in this fresh approach to CGI.

  • eman

    Crazy charming.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Wow, this is really unique. I loved it.

  • Bread

    The narration, animation and critter designs feels so right! I can almost feel the pain those poor hedgehogs are feeling, and somehow I still want to laugh at them. I like this one a lot, maybe because I also love nature shows.

  • Meh.

    It was just about okay. I think the whole “narrator doubts this show will pick up” joke was coming in way to soon. Only things I got interested in was maybe the hedgehog when it sneezed, that cube frogs massive tongue, and a little bit of that overzealous blue crab thing. Eh I saw where the ending of the joke was going pretty quickly. Like I said it was okay, I think some tweaking would help.