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New Clip from DreamWorks’ “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”

Here’s a new clip from the upcoming DreamWorks feature Mr. Peabody & Sherman. The Rob Minkoff-directed film will open in U.S. theaters on March 7, 2014. Bonus points for the Matisse-inspired paintings on the wall.

  • Well, it made me laugh. At least the Peabody “rocking out on an electric guitar” scene from the trailer makes sense now.

    Stephen Colbert is reeeally hamming it up there with that performance, huh?

    • Funkybat

      Colbert is usually pretty hammy in his animation voice acting. His POTUS in “Monsters vs. Aliens” was funny but so far over-the-top he made his Comedy Central persona seem staid.

      The sad fact is, any time I hear Colbert voice-acting now, it just reminds me how much I miss him as Prof. Impossible, and wonder what the hell went wrong between him and the Venture Bros. team. It would be worth another year wait for more VB to have him back as the Professor.

  • RickyB

    pretty swimmy

  • Character design….

    I’ll pass. Tired of seeing the same unappealing human models recycled from one Dreamworks movie to another.

    • K

      it’s strange seeing such high quality and refined animation on little models like Penny and Sherman that are so overly simplified and blob-like. Be a bit more adventurous, eh, Dreamworks? I mean the Croods struck the perfect chord of “caricatured realism” I find, so I know you can do it…

  • alt animation podcast

    The camera work is interesting…

    • Ho Hum

      LoL.. You can put that quote on the Poster.

      • mufasa

        Speaking of, have you seen the new poster?……..

        It says from the director of the Lion King, while true, it’s odd that you can use another studios film to promote your own….?
        Poster is here:

        • Chris Sobieniak

          Didn’t surprise me they would want to do that.

        • Roberto González

          What a surprise! They both have the Dreamworks face in the poster.

          I thought the scene was pretty generic.

  • George Comerci

    I love how smooth and clean the animation is, even though the human design and the dialogue is a little clunky. I’m in!

  • maybethisisntacashgrab

    I laughed. Twice. Is that a good sign?

  • Gina Kamentsky

    Second that, ugh, feh, the original does so much with great voice acting and limited animation. I now need to purge this from my memory.

  • Kaitlin526

    This scene is okay I guess, but why couldn’t we have gotten a scene between Peabody and Sherman?! They are the central protagonists after all and I’m eager to see what Dreamworks does with this extremely unorthodox parent-child relationship.

  • Funkybat

    Jay Ward has about as much to do with this film as Henry Ford has to do with a Ford Taurus.

  • Keith Paynter

    To quote Mel Blanc…

    “Yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe!”