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Pixar Is Making “Finding Nemo 2”

Pixar is developing Finding Nemo 2, according to a report on Deadline Hollywood. Andrew Stanton is on board to direct. Stanton, who has experienced success with his animated films including the original Finding Nemo, had a less-than-stellar live-action debut with John Carter, which resulted in a $200 million write-down for the Disney Company earlier this year.

  • Well, I guess it’s always nice when Albert Brooks gets work…

    • Dave

      Haha, this is hilarious.
      Was visiting my animator buddy at Pixar today. This rumor is totally false. Some of the guys are annoyed, but some of them think it’s hilarious and are going with it.

      Pixar announces it’s upcoming projects for the next 4-5 years at the annual Disney shareholders meetings. This information is easily found online.

      • Ergo

        No one does there research anymore. This story is everywhere and it’s totally false. Andrew Stanton shot it down on Twitter as soon as it popped up, but still everyone’s running with. Bad reporting everywhere.

  • jLo

    Oh god. They have to find Nemo again?! Someone get this kid a fish sitter!

    • Tim Hodge

      Maybe they’ll call it “Binding Nemo” – a story of how they have to tie him up to keep him from running away.
      Or, “Minding Nemo” – the story of his infatuation with the new babysitter.
      Or, “Grinding Nemo” – He gets trapped in a tuna cannery.
      Or, “Blinding Nemo” – A re-make of “Equus”, or “Antigone”
      Or, “Winding Nemo” – They make a wind-up toy version of him that winds up in Andy’s dorm room, then Buzz, Woody & the gang…

      • Jow

        Or, “Finding Creativity”, The Story Of How Pixar Try’s To Come Up With Original Sequels And Not Make Sequel After Sequel.

      • Elf

        No no, you forgot they are having these trends of one worded title for movies.


    • Jow

      He’ll Probably Go All “Home Alone” On The Sitter. Now THAT’S A Pixar Sequel I Would See.

  • Azz

    Goddamn it. He’s already been found.

    • Jow

      What If Marlin Or Dory Get Lost?

  • fish

    I just HATE all these sequels that dreamworks keeps making!!

    What a bunch of talentless hacks!

    • AK

      please don’t be condescending. very talented people work on these films, whether it’s Dreamworks, Pixar, etc.etc.etc.

      it’s very difficult to make amazing films over and over and over. the best of directors can’t always make a masterpiece.

      • Lib

        Right. But this is not a matter of trying your best and then failing. It’s a perfectly avoidable situation that, unless they came up with an unbelievably amazing idea, might damage the studio integrity, undermine artistic principles, and actually put the movie at risk of being disappointing because it is a forced sequel by concept. The kind of basic ‘no-no’ if you’re trying to make sure things will go alright.

      • Funny thing is, I said the same thing about Toy Story 2.

        … and then Toy Story 3.

        Guess how wrong I was both times?

        Frankly, I’m giving Pixar the benefit of the doubt. They’ve exceeded my expectations with their sequels in the past, and though my hackles raised at first hearing about a new Finding Nemo I like to think they’ll surprise me again.

      • Kevin Martinez

        And the rest of us said the same thing about Cars 2.

        And guess what, we were RIGHT.

      • Jow

        No We Wern’t.. That Was A GOOD Movie.

      • The difference being that Cars had no real right to exist in the first place, less so when they pumped out the sequel in record time.

        Pixar still has a record for better sequels than not, trying to do the “cool, edgy” thing by baying for their blood at every turn just looks sad.

        So, so sad.

      • Fish: Nemo is a PIXAR film. Get your studios straight. Also, NONE of us are hacks. We work damned hard and put our heart and souls into these films, something YOU and the 52 other jackoffs who “liked” your comment know nothing about.

      • Jenovasilver

        The joke was lost on you bro..I’ll explain it for anyone else confused.

        It’s a joke on how people in the animation fandom etc would harp on and on about how shitty Dreamworks is compared to Pixar with their reliance on sequels, this is mostly echoed by Pro Pixar fanboys.

        I hope this cleared it up.

    • Ursaring93

      This is Pixar not Dreamworks, it even says so in the title.

      • Joel

        I believe fish was being sarcastic to express discontent over the amount of sequels Pixar has been making.

      • wever

        You fail to get his sarcasm.

      • burymylovely

        Given how many not sequels Dreamworks has coming out the next couple years, that sarcasm may not work for much longer.

      • Jow

        DreamWorks Becoming More Original Than Pixar? WHAT’S THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?!

    • Cheri

      LOL It’s not a dreamworks picture. And Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing film to date for I’d say that, so far, sequels hasn’t been a horrible idea for Pixar.

    • Ryoku75

      But this articles about Pixar.

      Either way, I personally blame the focus groups and the trends of the marketplace, the animaton crews are simply giving us what we apparentlly want.

  • Doz Hewson

    If there’re any possible necessities for this nascent flick, I’d sure like to be apprised of some. What, if anything, about the first flick needs to be reexplored?
    I’d sure like to be told.

    • Ronnie

      There’s still stories to be told, believe me. The good people over at Boom! Studios did a number of great comics stories, including a long-format miniseries, and given Pixar’s track record at sequels (TS2 and 3 being GREAT movies, Cars 2 being good despite the first’s mediocrity), there’s no reason to be such a cynic. Great characters like Pixar makes have life in them- and life is more than one story.

  • Nah, Stanton’s making this film, or else…

  • Gobo

    I’ve got a funny feeling they’ll actually bother promoting Nemo 2, as opposed to John Carter.

    • Jow

      They Actually Bothered MAKING A Sequel To Finding Nemo, As Apposed To John Carter. I’m Hoping For A Wall-E 2 (Sponsered By DisneyNature Since It’s A Enviromental Film), Ratatouille 2, MABYE A Bugs Life 2 And Most Importntly, Tron 3.

      • Funkybat

        The only Pixar movie that really demands a sequel (or three) is Incredibles 2. I’m sure Nemo 2 will be a better sequel than Cars 2, but I am kind of disappointed that Monsters U will not be the last sequel for a while. At least there are several all-new films coming from Pixar in the next few years along with Monsters U and Nemo 2.

  • anonymous

    why chance breaking something special thats not broken.

    • Matt

      “Why chance breaking something special that’s not broken”

      Now that’s a sensible proposition if I ever did hear one… Mr Andrew Stanton and his Emeryville cohort should be listening to what this anonymous poster is saying.

  • This is really depressing.

    Why do I get a feeling that the Disney company – which, after all, OWNS Pixar – has put pressure on Stanton to do this sequel to make up for the disastrous box office of JOHN CARTER?

    • Daniel

      Disney does OWN Pixar.. but John Lasseter is the creative executive for both studios.. and I’m sure it’s John who is letting this happen.. just like Cars 2.. Monsters Inc 2.. Tinkerbell..etc

      • ctrayn

        I’ve gotta agree with you Daniel. We can’t be positive it’s him, obviously, but blaming faceless “Disney execs” for all these sequels just doesn’t fit. The Eisner Era ended a while ago now.

        Although this announcement does blow a hole in my theory as to why Pixar keeps going the sequel route. All the other sequels that have come out/been announced were helmed by “new” directors that weren’t part of the group that is Lasseter, Stanton, Docter, and Bird. I figured they were putting all the “new guys” on sequels because they didn’t trust the directors with a new world and new characters. Putting the new directors on franchise movies, which have established characters and an established fanbase, is much less risky than trusting the directors with an all new story (from a studio head’s perspective, at least). That way they could avoid the directorial replacements that happened with Ratatouille and Brave. But apparently that is not the case, because otherwise I don’t see why they would’ve chose Stanton then.

      • Bud

        “avoid the directorial replacements that happened with Ratatouille and Brave. ”

        And Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. 2. Remember, Stanton has only directed one animation feature solo.

      • Jow

        ctrayn: Mabye We’re Entering A Eisner Renissance.

  • Was not too big of a fan of the first one… and I doubt this will be much of an improvement. Somehow, given Stanton’s ego, I doubt he’s going to learn much from the failures of his direction in John Carter.

    • Mark R.

      Is Stanton’s ego out of control? Where do you see examples of this?

      I wonder if part of the deal to make John Carter was then you make Nemo2?

      Emeryville should change it’s name to Sequel city.
      Scares me to think what other sequels are in the mix.

      • Glen

        Read the New Yorker article about Stanton, or virtually every interview with him about the flop John carter for examples.

    • e

      That’s a very interesting point about Stanton’s ego – I’ve seen him a few times in talks (Nemo, Wall-E) and felt he was very full of himself… I didn’t feel he came across that well and was quite patronising towards the questions the audience asked… Hmmmm…. But obviously I don’t know the guy so who knows…

      • Ryan

        Is Andrew Stanton’s ego out of control?

        *checks Twitter*

        “Me? I write. You write? Unh-unh. You wrong.”

        I’d be open to putting money down on a bet in the affirmative.

      • G. Melissa Graziano

        I’ve seen him speak several times, and I never got the impression that he was egotistical. I do think, however, that he was given too much power over John Carter, considering he had almost no Live Action experience (the little clips in Wall*E hardly count).

  • Chris

    Lemme get this straight! We get two sequels to Toy Story (which turned out to be pretty plausible), a sequel to . . . *sigh* . . . Cars, a prequel to Monsters, Inc., an upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo . . . and NO INCREDIBLES 2???


    • Lev

      one in which Brad Bird has the artistic integrity to not necessarily make a sequel when asked

      • Chris

        I know I know, but I guess i’m just curious to see how much further they could take it. Will there be other Supers? Will their powers start to deteriorate? Is there another villain around the corner? Will they be FULLY accepted back into society?

        I mean, IT GOT IT’S OWN COMIC BOOK SERIES for crying out loud!

        Well, actually, those COULD count as sequels, when you think about it.

      • Joel

        He’s stated that he wouldn’t mind making a sequel IF he has a good enough idea that’d actually work. In line with your comment, this is really reassuring, considering the stellar quality of his work to date.

      • Vin

        Brad Bird has had ideas for a Sequel for a long time now. If he wants to make it he will. It has nothing to do with him supposedly having more artistic integrity just because he’s Brad Bird,

      • Vin

        Brad Bird has had ideas for a sequel for awhile now. If he wants to do it he will. It has nothing to do with him supposedly having more artistic integrity then anyone else.

      • Matt

        As his youngest son once said… “Money Money Money Money Money!”

      • Toonio

        And it’s out of the park!

        After the grueling proposition of fixing and finishing Ratatoullie with almost no budget left. I’m guessing Mr. Bird will stay away of any Disney/Pixar endeavor. And he has a chair at the Brain Trust, so who why bother.

      • Heynow

        MIssion Impossible 4 was a sequel. By Bird.

    • Jow

      The Fact That There’s No Incredibles 2 Is A GOOD Thing! That Movie Sucked (in Comparrison To Pixar’s Other Movies)!

  • Kev585

    But wait, the twist is they have to find Marlin!!!

    • Jow

      Fun Fact: Circle 7 Animation Pitched This Movie At One Time, And That Was The Plot. Thank Goodness That Studio Never Went On To Do Anything Of Substance.

  • If Pixar is going to make a sequel, you may as well have Stanton at the head. It also sounds like he’s going to write the script for it as well (“concept the studio loves”), which is reassuring.

  • Laura

    I feel like Pixar is in for a bad streak of movies… one too many sequels/prequels in the future.

    • burymylovely

      Pixar has already had a bad streak of movies. Brave was Finding Nemo in Scotland. Cars 2 was awful. Toy Story 3 a rehash of the first 2 (with bits of brilliance thrown in I’ll admit). And Up started brilliantly but was crushed under its own weight. Easy to happen when you make a movie of huge emotional substance and prop it up on an empty villain and talking dogs who fly planes…sign

      • WannabeAnimator

        Actually, if anything, I’d say Brave was more like a Brother Bear 3 than a Finding Nemo. ;)

      • Ryan C

        The only Pixar Movie in the pipeline at the moment that I currently have ANY major hankering to go see is Pete Docter’s “Inside the Mind” movie. But really, I think it’s a concept and realm with such unimaginable creative potential to explore that I’m probably setting myself up for big disappointment in terms of what they actually produce and the ideas they actually explore in it.

        Currently ParaNorman, Wreck-it-Ralph and Pete Docter’s “Inside the Mind” film are the only Big Budget Animation Blockbuster projects that excite me, and that I’ll be putting my $12 on the table for. And even though Hotel Transylvania looks like it might be kinda fun, it’s still a maybe for me. And as far as TV shows I can’t wait for The Legend of Korra season 2.

        All the rest… can politely… Go Jump. Ninja Turtles and all.

      • burymylovely

        @ wannabeAnimator: Never seen Brother Bear, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m just tired of Pixar’s character formula.

        Their main crux is almost always two people, emotionally separated, who must work their way together. In the case of Finding Nemo and Brave, their emotional separation gets represented by an physical one that is a metaphor for blah blah blah… Finding Nemo was wonderful, but the formula is tired.

  • Patch

    It opens fifteen years later as young adult Nemo goes out into the ocean city to find himself.

    • Why doesn’t Pixar hire Patch to direct this movie?

    • J

      LOL! The story will be based on Stanton’s experiences with John Carter.

      • Steve Gattuso

        Nah, this would be a comedy and not a tragedy.

      • Jow

        Actually, It Could Work As A Tragedy Movie. Either It’s About A Oil Spill, Or About A Well Known Movie Studio Making A Sequel That No One Asked For.

  • feep

    Is this why the direct to DVD sequel division was shut down? So Pixar can pick up the slack?

    Well it’s nice to see they’ll once again be FINDING nemo while they’re LOSING touch.

  • James

    Ok, after calmly assessing this situation, I’m starting to worry that Pixar is getting stricken with a case of sequel-itis. At this rate A Bug’s Life 2 is all a matter of time.

    Finding Nemo doesn’t really seem to have much sequel potential as far as building on the themes of the past movie, and I’m not sure how it will work as a “dumb fun” sequel in the vein of Cars 2 or the Ice Age series. The only thing of vague interest is the possibility of seeing “grown up” Nemo.

    The most obvious reason it is being made is that Finding Nemo is still a bellowing cash cow waiting to be milked. All it has to do is show up again with a familiar cast of characters. Though hopefully some real effort is put into this so it’s not so blatant.

    • BWSmith

      Pixar used to be artist-driven. Now it’s marketing-driven.

      The proper title of the inevitable Bug’s Life sequel will be “Bug’s Life 2: Electric Bug-aloo”. This is because it has been demonstrated scientifically that puns in the title boost sales (see Squeakquel, Alvin and the Chipmunks – The).

      That title alone ought to be enough to carry the movie over 70 million and turn a profit on Flick action figures and lunchboxes outside the “Tough To Be A Bug” show at Animal Kingdom.

  • Finding nemo and Cars have one thing in common. THEY DIDN’T DESERVE SEQUELS. Its obviously official that Pixar has sold themselves out. We all knew that if Disney’s movies that were animated were beginning to suck right after Walt kicked the bucket, we all knew Pixar was going to sell out either way. In fact, most of the success of Cars was only through toys over movie tickets. The toys sold more to make up the box office budget of that movie only because if the toys didn’t sell well the movie itself would be considered a bomb. Finding nemo is a movie that is good as a standalone film. no sequel should be made whatsoever.

    I know that we got some good sequels out of Toy Story, but for god sakes why couldn’t Pixar just make a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES over this and Cars for that matter? The Incredibles has more demand for a sequel than Cars, Nemo, Monsters, Ratatouille, and heck even Up. The fact that Pixar is doing this makes me very pissed off at the person who is in charge of the creative process for both Disney and Pixar. They shouldn’t have done Cars II in the first place, we all know that is solid proof that Pixar had sold themselves out. At this point I have lost faith in the studio.

    Everyone who’s working at that studio should only do it for the freaking paycheck at this point. Brave wasn’t even good in my own opinion. All it ever was, was a copy and paste story we have already seen before countless times from places like Disney. And I was surprised to see something like that come out of Pixar. Maybe if they had gotten the guy who created Sym Bionic Titan and Samurai Jack to direct the feature(as well as make it “feel” like Samurai Jack) maybe the movie would have been more enjoyable for me to look at. So yeah, Pixar is now dead to me. To all the people who are working there that have talent, quit the studio when you have the first chance you get. The goodness of Pixar is now(and forever will be) a memory in all of us.

    • Funkybat

      Any Incredibles sequel hinges on Brad Bird’s willingness to do so, which depends on him hitting upon an idea or ideas that seem worth revisiting those characters and that world. As a fan, I can think of a half-dozen such scenarios, but that’s just one fan’s brain talking. In a way, it’s good to know that no Incredibles sequel will happen without Brad. I certainly wouldn’t be interested in seeing an Incredibles movie where Brad was not at least the screenwriter and/or head of story. I just hope that a follow-up film happens someday, that universe is just too rich to leave unexplored further than it has been.

  • Ed Thompson

    It’s actually going to be called “Losing Nemo” and it will be the story of Marlin trying to get his young adult son Nemo to finally move out on his own and make his own way in the world instead of sponging off dad.

    • Eric Graf

      Huh huh. Sponging.

    • Joel

      I’d see that in a heartbeat. That or “The Fish Lebowski.”

  • Rob/F

    Just focus on getting Dug the Dog his own movie.

    • Jow

      Oh Yeah, That Film Will Win Awards All Right! Razzie Awards, But Still….

  • Tiki Animator

    I saw this on twitter a few days ago, Stanton and a bunch of Pixar folks making funny comments about titles. Never dreamed it was for real. I wonder what happens when they run out of movies to make sequels of, since evidently there’s no creativity left at the company. (And before anyone jumps on me, the individual people working at Pixar are no doubt talented artists doing the best work they can do. But the studio heads are evidently out of imagination)

    • Ryan

      the studio heads are evidently out of imagination

      Which is a very simple thing to fix…
      There are many more heads at the studio that just the “Heads of the Studio.” Perhaps they should trying using some of THEIR creativity instead, they might even find brains and abilitiy they never even knew they had. And not necessarily via their quota of CalArts grads either.

      This thread should be re-named Snarky Comments cutting Pixar to Ribbons. A fun time had by all involved!

  • And the reward for “Sequel that nobody asked for” goes to….

    • Jow

      …The Incredibles 2!

  • Walt

    The only sequel I want to see is Incredibles 2!

    • Jason

      That is a horrible idea.

      • Jow


    • Why does EVERYONE want a sequel to The Incredibles?! In my eyes, THAT is one of Pixar’s greatest standalone films! I have never seen it as a film that necessarily demands a sequel… it works perfectly on its own, as a self-contained story. Besides, considering the odds that the sequel might not wind up as good as the first film, I prefer NOT to have a sequel unless Brad Bird is 100% sure that he can make it live up to the original (or top it).

      To sum up: I feel more than content with the one Incredibles movie that we have. But fans all over the internet keep screaming for The Incredibles 2. Can someone please explain this to me?

      • Mike

        I don’t think it’s so much that people feel there’s more that needs to be told about The Incredibles, rather that they enjoy the characters, the world and the vibrant storytelling enough that they’d like to see more of them. I think that the nature of the world (superheroes, and particularly the fact that they could be allowed to return to prominence at the end of the first film) could lend itself to another great story, though as The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar film I’d demand a lot from a sequel as well. Luckily, Brad Bird has said that he’s interested in doing one but is holding off until he has the time to shape his sequel ideas into a story worthy of the first film’s legacy. So if we see a sequel, it will at least have been given the effort it merits by the big man himself.

      • I wouldn’t mind a prequel. :)

      • Funkybat

        I’d prefer a sequel, though a prequel focusing on the “glory days” when the Supers were the toast of society would be pretty cool, especially if we all know how their world is going to change. I personally want to see a sequel to see how Dash, Vi and Jack-Jack grow into their powers, and become full-fledged heroes. The story of their self-discovery and embrace of those powers was a great one, but as soon as that film ended I was ready to see the “next chapter.”

        I can easily see there being 2 or even three “Incredibles” sequels, and with the right people in charge, I believe they could all be as good or even better than the original. Toy Story 2 was in some ways better than the first film, and 3 was no slouch either. I’m glad to see Woody and the gang ride off into the sunset (with occasional shorts revisiting them) but I am thirsty for more “Incredibles” action and interpersonal drama. It may be Pixar’s most mature film, but it still has plenty of room to grow.

  • Mike

    This time they’re going to call it just “Nemo.” Stanton’s marketing team tells him the general audience can’t relate to “finding.”

    • Trevor

      No it has to be an adjective. All movies these days are adjectives. Tangled, Brave, Frozen, Epic, Turbo.

      I vote for atonable

      • Jow

        Let’s Not Forget “Epic Movie”!

      • Mike

        Nice. I like it. But I was actually taking a shot at Disney’s peculiar decision to drop “of Mars” from John Carter.

        I’m still confused by that one…

  • Van

    Pixar is and Disney Feature has officially swapped roles. Pixar is churning out mundane tales while Disney Feature hits a homerun with Tangled and drawing enormous buzz with Paperman. The upcoming Wreck-It Ralph looks to be promising too. Brave was mediocre at best. And don’t get me started on Cars 2.

    In regards to Andrew Stanton, he’s a bit overrated. I didn’t care much for Finding Nemo and Wall-E was above average. It was only charming because it was an animated feature. Try making that into a live action film and it would be likely that the story will not hold up as well. The charm that the animators gave to the Wall-E characters was what help that movie for the most part.

    • Gobo

      Pixar’s churning out mundane tales, such as… Wall-E? Up? Toy Story 3?

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but Brave was anything but “mundane”. Unoriginal? Well, it’s based on an old fable, so….

      Let’s actually watch Finding Nemo 2 and Monsters U. before declaring them “mundane”, yes?

      • Yeah, and in fact, let’s wait til Toy Story 4 before forming opinions! And Cars 3 for that matter, and Brave 2 before we make judgement calls,


      • Van

        Never did I say these upcoming movies will be mundane. If you read my post carefully, I only mentioned Brave, Cars 2, Wall-E and Finding Nemo. Toy Story 3 was brilliant as well as others like Ratatouille and The Incredibles.

        And you’re right. I am entitled to my opinion. Brave was a borefest. Can you say “Brother Bear” in 3D? Kelly McDonald’s voice was annoying and should not be cast as the lead. Reese Witherspoon was a definitely a better first choice. The storyline was nothing special even if it was based on an old fable. By the middle of the movie, I was wishing Wreck-It-Ralph would come out even sooner.

        As for Monsters U, I’m actually looking forward to it. So next time you comment, please reread the post you’re responding to a little more carefully. Thanks.

      • Gobo

        Van: Your post, read as carefully as possible, says nothing whatsoever about your anticipation of Monsters U. Your only comment on what Pixar’s currently doing was to say “Pixar is churning out mundane tales.” Before sniping at people for their reading skills, please make sure you actually posted the things you’re criticizing people for misreading. Thanks!

        Brave has been polarizing. I saw it with a large group of animation geeks — the vast majority of them were thrilled with the visuals and had a great time, while two people hated it so much for its “mediocrity” that they stood in the middle of the theatre and ranted about it.

      • Van

        Gobo: Never did I even once mention monsters U in my original comment. I was just responding to your comment regarding that movie. My original post only referred to the latest mundane movies such as Brave and Cars 2. Again, please read what you yourself have posted before making yourself look even more ridiculous.

        Brave has some stellar animation. Credit to the animators and animation supervisors. It does not make it “polarizing”. Like I said, it really resembles Brother Bear. The story and overall direction was not “polarizing” at all. You want polarizing? Go watch and oldie like Ghibli’s Grave of the Firefly again. Maybe Pixar shouldn’t have fired Brenda Chapman. The story was hers originally and might have benefited more with her finishing it.

  • Anthony D.

    Why? Just why? Making unecessary sequel is going to be Pixar’s downfall (sorry Pixar, forgive me). However, Monsters University I must admit is one of their better ideas.

  • Sarah J

    Eh… I just don’t see Finding Nemo as something with much sequel potential. It was a good movie, but I felt the story was wrapped up fine with the first one. If Pixar makes a sequel for anything, I want to see The Incredibles. But I’ll give Pixar a chance, maybe they did some up with a good story for FM2.

    • Kevin Martinez

      There’s a different between unusual concepts and mundane execution. Pixar at this point has plenty of the latter.

  • Remember when everyone, including Pixar, was freaking out when Disney Circle 7 studio started production on Pixar IP sequels?

    And so John Lasseter and co. merged with the Mouse to shut those down…

    Way the go guys, I think you should do an Animal Farm movie next, the plot may sound familiar to you.

    • Comment of the year!

    • ctrayn

      @Kevin: You win the Internet. Everyone else go home.

      • Gobo

        I didn’t know “winning the Internet” involved making ignorant, asinine comments that are entirely off-base. Although, actually, now that I say that, it makes sense.

      • Jow

        Kevin Didn’t Win The Internet. Winning The Internet Just Means Saying “Winning” In A One Word Sentance.

        That Means Charlie Sheen Wins The Internet Every Day When He’s On Twitter.

    • Bud

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment. The point was NOT to not do sequels, the point was that Pixar should do them (well documented). It was a transparent political move by eisner more than anything, And look who won!

      Not to mention, the work being done at circle 7 was pure trash.

    • Vin

      This has to be one of the most silly knee jerk comments on this thread. Circle 7 was created only to make Sequels to Pixar’s films. Pixar has a number of originals coming up that will all be released before The Finding Nemo Sequel comes out in (maybe) 2016. And they will continue to make them after.

      But don’t stop that from letting you think how clever you are.

  • But…why? Finding Nemo is a complete story, it doesn’t need to be watered down with sequels.

    I can see it now, Nemo now a teenager wants to travels the world (possibly with the turtles) when suddenly Marlin is caught by something, and it’s now Nemo who has to discover blah blah blah.

    Please don’t do it.

  • Heynow

    If it wasn’t already evident, the Golden Age of Pixar is officially over. Ah well, it couldn’t have lasted forever anyway. More power to the independents and smaller studios.

  • Inkan1969

    What’s the deal? Years before, Pixar stopped Disney from making a cheapquel to “Toy Story” and then came up with a story good enough to justify a sequel. Now it seems like Pixar is making a sequel to all its films.

    There could be a worthwhile idea for a Nemo sequel, though: Dory’s past is a mystery because of her short term memory loss condition. So they could make a movie about finding Dory’s past.

    • axolotl

      Yeah! Her old pimp could show up and be like ‘Where is that bitch?’
      …I would watch that.

  • craig m

    Nemo discovers that 47 of his brothers and sisters (all voiced by Taylor Kitch) actually survived Scene One but want nothing to do with their old family. Can Nemo and his siblings patch up their differences in time to stop the evil hatchery baron (Jim Parsons) before he can carry out his evil scheme?

  • Mark Sonntag

    I guess Walt’s credo “you can’t top pigs with pigs” has been forgotten. So much for the Disney legacy the company including John keep mentioning. Nothing wrong with sequels, if the story and characters warrant it. Hollywood is in a rut I think, I love the comic book movies and sequels can be fun, but where’s the innovation? where’s the magic? The Ghibli films at the moment have the magic, the timelessness that Disney once had.

    • Bud

      Walt learned this the hard way, by making 3 more little pig cartoons.

      • Which were very good—and followed by an often very good series of comic book stories (that continues to this day). I never thought the wolf and pigs were the best example of something to not sequelize…

  • Mark Sonntag

    NEMO: Lost Again

  • Adam

    And according to this article, Toy Story 4 is in development as well:

    …the hell?

    • Glen

      That article does NOT say Toy Story 4 is in development. Hanks has no say in the matter–other than whether or not he would choose to participate or not.

  • ctrayn

    Whoever thought getting Nemo lost again was a good idea seriously needs to reevaluate their life choices.

  • In the sequel, we’ll have scenes of teenage Nemo smoking pot at Squirt’s place.

    • Yeah, I think I’d watch it.

      … and actually like it.

      I’m a bad man.

  • A Writer

    2h andrew stanton ‏@andrewstanton
    Didn’t you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don’t believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. ‪#skyisnotfalling‬
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    • Samjoe

      But I really liked “Chicken Little”.
      Always felt there could have been a
      “Chicken Little 2”.

  • chipper

    “Dad, I just went to school! I don’t need to be found again, sheesh!”

    Actually, people seem to think Pixar can never top To Story 3 for some reason, so I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if people complained about anything Pixar did.

  • Ben

    I feel as though once we get to the 55th comment or so, no one really has anything new to say…

    • axolotl

      They should make an Incredibles/Nemo crossover where Violet gets pissed off at her mother and puts a curse on her to turn her into a fish.

      • Jow

        That Sounds More Like A Incredibles/Nemo/Brave Crossover.

      • axolotl

        Gee, I didn’t think of that…I hope they don’t steal my idea.

  • Let’s rename the film “Finding Pixar,” where Marlin and Nemo have to wade through an ocean full of sequels to find the animation studio that once had original ideas.

  • Bud

    Surprised. Although john carter was a dreadful movie (as well as one of the biggest critical and BIGGEST financial flops in movie history), I didn’t expect this.

    • Toonio

      At least Waterworld can rest in peace.

      • Jow

        Waterworld Dosen’t Deserve To Rest In Peace.

  • After reading all those comments, I was worried that there will be a protest in front of the studio.

    And then a revolution.

  • Mat H

    I just really hope hes not doing this as a favor.

  • A Long Time Observer (of CB)

    My favorite Pixar movie. It was fine as a standalone. If it focuses on Gil and the aquarium fish, however, I would go and see it.

  • Baron Lego

    Finding Nemo 2: Lost in New York


    Finding Nemo 2: Finding Nemo-er


    Finding Nemo 2: Secret of the Ooze

    • droosan

      FINDING NEMO 2: Electric Eel Boogaloo

      • Finding Nemo2: The ‘O’ in the Ocean.

        (It would star Parker Posey as Nemo’s estranged wife).

        Ok, I took my jibe. Now it’s time to get serious:

        Finding Nemo is still MY favorite Pixar movie. I cry every time I see it. So Stanton had better deliver us something worth turning this already-perfect movie into a sequel, or as a frustrated fan I’ll ruin his life on the Internet.

    • Jow

      Finding Nemo 2: A Tale Of Two Kitties


      Finding Nemo 2: Return To Never-Land


      DisneyToon Studios Presents Finding Nemo 2


      Finding Nemo Meets The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars


      Finding Nemo 2: The Meltdown


      Finding Nemo 2: The Search For A Original Idea


      Finding Dory


      Finding Marlin

    • James

      Congo Nemo
      Gold Rush Nemo
      Nemo Sees a Ghost
      Nemo Meets the Keystone Cops
      Ringside Nemo
      Nemo Joins the Air Force
      Nemo Goes West
      Nemo’s Elephant
      Nemo Meets Captain Kidd
      Finding Nemo: The Revenge
      Finding Nemo: Resurrection
      Finding Nemo: The Search for Nemo

      • Joel

        “The Secret of NEMO 2: Nemo to the Rescue”

  • Kevin Martinez

    Pixar has officially become one of those “other studios”; changing directors like underwear, watering down content studio-wide, sequels en masse, merchandising overtakes anything artistic personal (hello, Cars 2).

    I don’t know where the next breath of fresh air will come from in long-form feature animation. But we can rest assured that it ain’t going to be from Pixar.

  • Joel

    They should let Tommy Wiseau direct it. THAT would be interesting.

    • Lewis


      • Joel

        “I did not lose him. It’s not true, it’s bullshit, I did not lose him. I did NAHT. …..Oh hi Dory.”

  • wever


    I last go to this website not five hours ago, NEVER seen this post, and yet it already has 70 posts!


    • Actually, that’s just some half-hour specials. Not sequels.

      • wever

        Yeah, I know that now.

  • Toonio

    Ditch the Pixar brand and call it Disney already.

    • Jow

      Or Mabye “Sequel Studios”!

  • Matt

    This is Sad news indeed. When did Pixar become Disney and start cannibalizing all it’s classics into bastardized sequel prequel purely profit motive product offspring?

    … oh, wait, I remember.

    • Joel

      Here’s a hint: what makes a “VRRROOM VROOM” noise?

      • Jow

        No, HERE’S A Clue: What Flys And Stops Evil Guys?

  • Joe

    Why is everyone so quick to attack Pixar? Just because you consider Cars and Cars 2 a bad film, is that really reason to declare the studio dead? You people come across as so pathetic, but I know it’s hard for you to see that. Pixar has given us some of the best animated films in the 90s and through the 00s, and now that Brave had a little above average reviews it feels like the jealousy in everyone is coming out in full force–“Pixar made a couple bad films and an above average film, nows my chance to attack!!”

    Not every film can be a classic, but Pixar has proven they have some of the best artists currently in the industry. Sure they’re making some sequels, but you haven’t seen them yet, so don’t be quick to judge. Toy Story 2 and 3 were sequels, and no one can deny they were great films. Aren’t there 4 original films in Pixar’s line-up? So what’s the problem with a few sequels?

    Cartoon Brew’s comments really piss me off sometimes. You guys complain about Amid being negative, look at your own damn selves.

    • Kevin Martinez

      Pixar is becoming increasingly guilty of the vices associated with Eisner’s Disney; waves and waves of sequels, blandness, creative personnel being stripped of any say in the filmmaking process, and forsaking quality in favor of that almighty merchandising dollar.

      I guess the morals of this story are; blind worship of anything, animation studios most of all, is unhealthy, and beware of empty and meaningless promises of “change” (as the Disney-Pixar merger in 06 was supposed to bring)

      • Joe

        I honestly don’t understand how you can criticize the studio for what.. one film that they sold out on? Cars 2 is the only film I can think of that fits your description. We don’t know if Monsters 2 or Nemo 2 will be the same, so why is everyone declaring the studio dead? I’d hardly call those “waves and waves of sequels,” especially when they have 4 original films in the line-up.

    • i have to agree with you, though I am admittingly upset about this news too. Youre right though that Pixar is still a quality animation studio and there is no reason to count them out. I think at the core, the frustration is just with the fact that they are making a sequel to a movie that truly just stands so well on its own. I believe its a classic. There is something about this choice that just seems off. Youre right we havent seen anything yet, so we cant judge but, it just seems troubling.

      • Ryan

        My frustration with them or anyone, is that they ar choosing to re-make things rather than Make new things. And with all their ability, artists and tech… it’s a bloody crying shame. basically what Skip said

      • agreed.

  • Braik

    Don’t do it, Stanton!

    What happened to the old PIXAR?

  • The Gee

    What would be hilarious is if it is called
    Finding Nemo 2: Out of the Frying Pan and Into Mah Belly

    /Shreks’ voice

    Well, okay. maybe not hilarious. That would be too un-sentimental.


    • Jow

      Or How About “Finding Nemo 2: Stir And Fry”?

  • I’d love to see “Finding Nemo in Outer Space”

  • wow……So much to think about….

    but at the end of the day, i agree with my fellow poster several posts up:

    “Please dont do it.”

  • Skip

    As talented as Pixar is, it’s hard to believe that they can add anything to one of their best films. I wouldn’t want to see Finding Nemo 2 unless it was better than the original.

    The Toy Story series is the rare exception in film where the series got progressively better as it continued. On the other hand, Cars started off as Pixar’s weakest film and the studio somehow managed to progress the series to a less appealing direction than it had done with its predecessor. The real questions that Pixar should be asking themselves are. Is Pixar making this sequel for the right reasons? Do they have a great story to tell, and if so will watching it be worth my time? Will rehashing the Nemo universe add to the companies image as well as the Nemo story-line, or take away from it? If so than more power to them, and if not than they need to realize that the most valued asset that Pixar has is it’s reputation, and it seems like a foolish thing to cash in for a quick buck.

  • Tredlow

    Nemo is all grown up (fish years, you know) and has a child named Nemo. Then THAT Nemo went missing.

    But really, Pixar? New Cars, Monsters Inc., and Nemo before an Incredibles sequel?

  • Well Andrew Stanton and Pixar you have a TON of people, including me, who think this decision is wrong and believe you can’t make a sequel as good or better then the original Finding Nemo. Now that you have made it I only ask one thing……. Prove us wrong!

  • Doug Abramson

    Look, I’m not thrilled with the idea of a Nemo sequel and I was against Monsters University until I saw the teaser; but Pixar wouldn’t be making these films if they didn’t think there was a large market for them. They are a business. The only way to get them to stop making sequels is to make them unprofitable. Good luck though. I don’t see enough of the general public boycotting these films because a few animation buffs are offended by content that isn’t 100% original. I think that the best anyone can hope for is that Pixar maintains some quality control and these sequels are closer to Toy Story 2 than Cars 2.

  • Rad

    Did Nemo get lost again? Or is it something else that needs finding now?
    Finding Nemo… a new roommate for college
    Finding Nemo… ‘s twin brother
    Finding Nemo… ‘s SOUL in HELL!!! (rated 18 for satanic themes, violence and excessive gore)

  • d.harry

    A human kid eats Nemo at a fish fry up and Nemo’s spirit takes over the kid to teach him that we should get along with fish. Kid falls in the ocean and becomes a fish. He helps shut down a fish canning plant and teaches humans the err of their ways. Happy ending!

  • In this one, Nemo gets lost in the jungle.

  • Actually I don’t think you need “less ideas” to make a good sequel instead of a new ‘original’ movie. Some of the concepts of Pixar movies weren’t that great to start with and some of them were even sort of copied from other places, like Toy Story and Cars.

    But this looks like a very bad idea, it’s like doing a sequel to Bambi (I know there was one direct to dvd one). It’s not about doing a good or a bad sequel, it’s about some concepts not being thought for a sequel. If animation studios are so desperate to get story or characters that they can reuse to make money they should create their own Mickey Mouse/Wallace and Gromit kind of characters that work in different situations and make some sagas with them. But most of the Pixar movies have the same ‘fable’ feeling of the Disney classics, they just don’t admit a sequel, no matter how good it is. Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and The Incredibles kind of admit sequels, most of their other films don’t.

    I’m sure it shouldn’t be more difficult to them to come up with an original idea, they have a lot of creative people in the studio, and they can even use someone from outside the studio, like they did with Brad Bird. It’s other kind of problem, it seems like they are afraid to take risks anymore.

  • Taco Wiz

    Didn’t you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don’t believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. ‪#skyisnotfalling‬

    • Joel

      I hope that’s reassuring.

  • Finding Nemo of Mars

  • Hmmmmm…This story starts to smell fishy.

  • Mike

    One thing’s for sure…wary as I am of this sequel, it’ll sure be nice to see the ocean and ocean life rendered with ten years’ advancements in CGI.

  • Val

    Finding Nemo 2: Lost In The Dead Sea

  • Steven M.

    I wonder how Nemo gets lost this time…..

  • Harvey Hound

    Sigh. There are plenty of good, original ideas at Pixar. This isn’t about a lack of ideas, it’s about what gets green-lit for a feature. Disney marketing knows that sequels to successful films have a built in audience and will probably make money, regardless of their quality. Sequels are safe. The problem is, Pixar did not build their reputation on doing things that were safe (Seriously, a rat in the kitchen? Who wants to see that?). Now, with this slew of sequels it seems that Pixar is no longer willing to take artistic chances and that is what is so disappointing to those who saw the studio as a beacon of integrity in a sea of mediocrity. It seems that what Lassiter said would not happen has indeed happened: Disney’s powerful (and inept) marketing wing is now driving the creative choices at Pixar.

    • Daniel

      “t seems that what Lassiter said would not happen has indeed happened: Disney’s powerful (and inept) marketing wing is now driving the creative choices at Pixar.”

      dude, the only person driving the creative choices at Pixar and Disney is stop blaming a marketing wing that is just doing what john is telling them to do..

      • Kevin Martinez

        People shielding John Lasseter from criticism of any kind, no matter how well deserved or justified.

        Lasseter is the kind of suit he hated. Pixar has a cult now. Goodnight everybody.

      • Harvey Hound

        I agree that the responsibility is his, but these decisions don’t get made in a vacuum. At what point did the influence of Disney marketing begin to outweigh the artistic and entertainment value of projects in the pipeline? I’d say right about the time Cars 2 was green-lit and no one told him that the concept sucked.

      • Harvey Hound

        Saying that Lasseter has caved to the wishes of marketing is not a defense, a shield or a compliment. It is a damming criticism from those who expected better of him.

  • Alissa

    So…will people finally realize that Pixar is not the shining utopia of creativity and cuddles and is, in fact, a company in the business of making money?

    One thing’s for sure,this movie will sell fish-themed merchandise just like Cars 2 sold vehicular merchandise. It’s a tad early to say anything else at this point.

    Personally, I’ll wait for a trailer to start whining/complaining about how a company is catering to the masses instead of my own narrow demographic. But that’s just me.

  • RickyB

    How about Taking Nemo, with Liam Neeson in the cast.
    Get under the clam Nemo, theyre going to take you. Now listen, I dont know who you are. If you are looking for roe then I assure you I dont have any. But what I do have are a special set of gills, gills I have acquired over a very long journey across the EAC.

  • FWIW
    • Jow

      Oh No! A Chicken Little Sequel! Run For Your Life!

      • Kevin Martinez

        That’s the next step. A Pixar film that’s tonally indistinguishable from a Dreamworks film.

        Lasseter has proven to be the ultimate Thermidor. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

  • Jow

    Y’know, I Just Hope Disney Dosen’t Delay The Finding Nemo Blu-Ray/3D Theatrical Release To 2016 Just To Tie In The Movie. As For The Sequel Itself, Monsters, Inc. Didn’t Nees A Sequel, And Yet Monsters University Looks Good So Far. Cars 2 Was Also A Good Movie (I’m Not Being Sarcastic), So I May Think This COULD Work, If Done Right. The Incredibles, In My Opinion, Felt Like A Early DreamWorks Movie. Good, But Not Exactly Pixar Standards Either (Again, Not Being Sarcastic). That Said, After This, Follow-Ups To Pixar Movies Should Be Limited To Pixar Canada Productions (Not Counting “Planes”, Which’ll No Doubt Get Sequels (Cause, C’mon, It’s DisneyToon Studios), And I’m Perfectly Okay With That, Cause It’s Not Technically A Pixar Movie (Again, It’s DisneyToon Studios)). That’s My Two Cents. With That In Mind, I Am Surprised By A Lack Of A Roger Rabbit 2 (Or, At The Very Least, Roger Rabbit 1 in 3D).

    • Funkybat

      I am very grateful that there is no “Roger Rabbit 1 in 3D.” I almost hesitate to type this comment, lest it help to propagate that idea any further than this thread.

      I wouldn’t mind some kind of Roger Rabbit follow-up, though I doubt anyone would greenlight one done with 2D toons the way the original was. I would really hate to see 3D mo-capped versions of classic characters.

  • Heynow

    I’m waiting for Luxo Jr. Jr.

    You laugh now, but wait…

  • Mr. No Vowels

    Unpopular opinion here, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

    People keep claiming Pixar is losing their way…Cars 2…Brave. And then people complain about Pixar doing sequels. There’s a place for Pixar to do sequels if the sequels make sense. They shut down Circle 7 because they felt that the people making sequels to their characters should be the ones who created them, gave them life. They never shut down Circle 7 b/c they never, ever wanted to do sequels. They have always wanted to do a TS3 but Disney trumped them with Eisner. As soon as Iger took over, and Pixar was bought. TS3 went into pre-production. So there’s that.

    Pixar can make good sequels. They can make good movies. They have proven it. TS3 set the bar ridiculously high for what a quality movie out of Pixar can be; a sequel nonetheless. I feel like Cars 2, while not their best, I do not think it was their worst. I think the Cars world has a place in the Pixar family. It’s creative (the world is) and the story for Cars 2 has been bashed a lot, but personally, I applaud them for making it so different than the original. I don’t think it’s their best effort, but the scope of the movie was huge and my theater was laughing throughout.

    You can say Pixar is ‘selling out with Cars’, but in order to keep taking risks with originals (i.e. Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up in the past and the upcoming Good Dinosaur, Lee’s and Pete’s original movies), the sequels will bring in the money to help fund those risks and those developments. While fanboys and critics ‘hated’ Cars/Cars2, mainstream movie-goers loved it and kids LOVE it given the $1 billion in movie ticket sales worldwide and $10+ billion in merchandise. Plus Cars Land being a bigger hit than they expected. Say what you will about the Cars movies…millions of people around the world love the characters, love the movies and love to stay connected with them. Pixar is a business. They need to keep money flowing to keep the 4+ year development process of a movie going, not to mention their short films which literally bring in zero dollars. You can call them sell outs, but they have produced some of THE best movies (live action or animated) of all time. Monsters U looks promising and their 3 upcoming originals sound fantastic. I’ll take a couple sequels/prequels if they gives us 3 originals intermixed. Remember, 2011-2012 should have been Newt, Brave then Cars 2 in 2012 to align with Cars Land. 2 originals in a row between TS3 and Cars 2. But, Newt was canceled, Brave had huge story issues so 2011 was left with a gap. Cars 2 was, more or less, rushed to fill that gap and had story issues too along the way. If given another year of development, maybe it would have been something else.

    Finding Nemo 2…why does anyone think it would be called that? Monsters University has proven that they can keep a part of the name and change it into something that relates to the story. So, ‘Nemo’ will probably remain while it will have a different spin on it. Possibly dive into Dory’s past? Dory was the breakout character of the movie…there’s a lot there that they could do. Not saying they SHOULD or WILL, just saying I think that only scratches the surface of the potential of what’s there. Cash grab? Hardly. The Incredibles 2 would be an easy cash grab but to protect the integrity of the story, characters and Brad Bird’s wishes, it won’t get made until he has a story…or so I believe.

    There’s room for sequels at Pixar. There’s room for more Cars. These movies are made for more than just you and me. As long as Pixar continues to create originals (and they have 3 of them coming up) there’s no reason they can’t do sequels to keep the characters people love alive.

    Last note…stop bashing Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Sony and or even freaking Alvin and the Chipmunks. Listen – Hotel Transylvania and The Smurfs weren’t made for you. They were made for a particular audience and age range. You don’t like it? Don’t see it. You can bash the story if you’d like b/c (God forbid) a movie was made and released with YOU in mind. But lay off the animation. Smurfs, Chipmunks, Vampires…the animation done in all of the movies is beautiful and the animation and tech crews at these studios worked hard to make it look real, alive and perfect. If my name were in any of those credits, I would be damn proud of it and would expect those also in the animation community to be respectful and happy for those who were so lucky to have even worked on a major studio animated film.

    • Kevin Martinez

      There are no words.

    • Jow


      *Starts Applauding*

      *Everyone Else Joins In*

      *Applauding Frenzy Starts*

    • James

      Mr. NV certainly put on his Santa suit for that one.

  • Mr. No Vowels

    Finding Nemo (Awards:

    Wall-E (Awards:

    John Carter (Undeserved backlash from media BEFORE being seen)

    Pixar’s Awards:

    Complaining about a sequel to Finding Nemo? Let’s see your resume.

    • Kevin Martinez

      So, Pixar is immune from criticism, because they won a bunch of awards?

      If we want to see quality in animated features ever again, arguments like “appeal to authority” and “Let’s see YOU do better” need to disappear.

      • Mr. No Vowels

        Quality in terms of what? Animation or story? Both? My argument is that people are bashing an idea that is
        1) unconfirmed
        2) based on their reaction to John Carter (not Nemo or Wall-E)
        3) comparing sequels to Dreamworks (which is great studio)

        My argument of ‘appeal to authority’ and ‘let’s see you do better’ were written for ONE reason: Give the Stanton and Pixar the benefit of the doubt based on their previous efforts. That’s all.

      • Kevin Martinez

        Quality based on not regurgitating the same tired old cliches. Quality based on not hiding mediocrity and blandness under a glossy facade. Quality based on artists and storytellers having something to say and being allowed to express it (as opposed to what happened to Mr. Sanders and Ms. Chapman)

        You know, quality based on actually moving the medium forward.

        I couldn’t give a flying turd about John Carter, or it’s reception. Except for the Stanton connection, that’s immaterial.

        I’m sure these sequels and “original” ideas will do just fine; Critics will continue to eat up Pixar’s formula for years to come, parents will continue to buy all the cheaply-made merchandise and overpriced tickets, and animators will have no shortage of work on nigh-indistinguishable films with no artistic POV, micromanagement from execs like Lord High Jesus Lasseter and that most beloved “revolving door” directorial system.

        I’m sure you’re just salivating of this future, and I’m sure executives would love to have more glowing endorsements like the ones you gave Dreamworks and Alvin and the Chipmunks. But shouldn’t we desire things to be just a LITTLE bit better?

      • Mr. No Vowels

        Going off of your logic, we’d have no Toy Story 2 or 3. I just think Pixar has it in them to do another Nemo justice based on their record. You wanted originals, they are giving you 3 in 2014-2015. For those who want to see the Nemo characters in a new story, let them have it.

        And you can mock my ‘glowing endorsement’ of Alvin and Chipmunks and Dreamworks all you want…but each one of those films have a place in the market to specific audiences. Alvin wasn’t made for you. But my friend’s 3 year old and 5 year old love the movies. Are you saying children shouldn’t be allowed films that they enjoy too? That there should be NO Alvin, no Smurfs? I don’t see a world where it makes sense to even try and make a Smurf’s movie that you would enjoy…the subject matter just isn’t for you.

        I desire things to be a little better and, personally, each time I go into a Pixar film I have never left unsatisfied (and that includes Cars 2). I took the movie for what it was, without comparing it to TS3 or your beloved Wall-E. It was a movie not made for you or audience members likes you. Simple as that.

        I’m not trying to troll here or continue an argument that I will never win with you. We differ in opinion and that’s ok. Just asking, hate the studio execs all you want but please respect the very talented artists that make these films. They spend hours behind their computers, paint and pencils and nights and weekends away from their families to put food on their tables and continue to work in a field they have (most likely) dreamed of working in for years before. Whether it be Alvin, a smurf or Buzz Lightyear, I respect the art and I respect the artists behind it.

        Final point: If a very talented director/story teller is given the green light and the funds to make a story he wants to tell, then let him. Whether that be Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Sony or whoever; we, as an audience, can only hope for the best from them and that ‘little bit better’ you mentioned.

        I have high hopes for a Nemo sequel to be good…which by the way, has yet to be confirmed.

      • Kevin Martinez

        As said as it is to say, Mr. No Vowels points are perfectly representative of the kind of arguments that are detrimental to the art form.

        Kid’s aren’t discriminating; They’ll take any brightly-colored CGI model that studios throw onto the big screen, and executives know this. What Mr. NV is trying to communicate is that animation studios are justified in their lack of creativity and effort because they’re profitable.

        That’s an easy defeatist attitude to take. But history has shown that quality and profitability and creativity don’t HAVE to be mutually exclusive. Making excuses for these studios’ apathy and inertia won’t make these films any better.

      • Mr. No Vowels

        Anything you or I say on here won’t change Hollywood or make things any better. Not to say we shouldn’t fight it or voice our opinions. I feel it’s just as important as anything…but I’m also a realist and I welcome the debate.

        And I’m sorry that we are so far apart on this. Having been around a lot of my friends with children I still stand by my statement that children are allowed to have movies made for themselves just as rated R horror flicks are made for adults and Magic Mike or Sex in the City was made for women and gay men.

        I am still trying to make sense of your logic that every animated movie ever made from here on out should attempt to have an amazing story that is creative, fresh and speaks to everyone. Does this extend outside of the movie realm? Are saying that any animated show on TV (Disney Channel, PBS, Nick, etc.) must be amazing animation and should cater to everyone on the planet with amazing storytelling? TV shows Yogi Bear, Smurfs, Alvin, Jimmy Neutron were made for kids…not really Oscar winning material or trying to be…so why shouldn’t the movies also target the same audience? I wish those movies didn’t speak down to children so much and were better in quality as well, but I am also not their audience…just as I wasn’t their audience with Magic Mike.

        Good debate.

  • Brad Constantine

    “Milking Nemo”….

  • Did anyone else notice that the screenwriter attached, Victoria Strouse, only has one film credit… and that film got a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Jeeze… if they are going to make Finding Nemo 2, can’t we at least get Michael Arndt? I’m really sad to see Pixar cashing in on sequels like this. I remember one interview, right after Nemo came out, where Andrew Stanton said he believes Pixar would do an R-rated movie if the story called for it. Not that doing an R-rated movie itself should be something to aim for, but I think the spirit that made Pixar special to me is now dead–that they would be willing to go in any new direction in order to tell the greatest possible stories. Instead they’ve fallen back on sequels and stories that retread the same kind of content they’ve created in the past, or that other American animation studios are currently making… sadly, this shift seems to have happend right at the time they were acquired by Disney.

    • Bud

      Michael Arndt had only one produced screenplay before writing Toy Story 3, and was probably hired long before Little Miss Sunshine was even completed-knowning how long animated films are in development and production.

  • Giovanni Jones

    “Finding Nemo: The College Years”

    Voice of College-Age Nemo: Taylor Kitsch

    Voice of Professor Mullet: Mario Lopez

    Voice of Screech: Russell Brand

    Voice of Maggie the Cow (who swims the English Channel): Roseanne Barr

  • And yet…despite all the negativity towards the idea of more sequels, we all know Nemo 2 is going to make a fortune at the box office.

    They win no matter what.

  • In this next film, Nemo gets lost in the shopping centre.

    At the end, he’s found again.


  • They should’ve done Doug’s 2nd Movie- the film where Doug Kisses Patti.

    Darn, I don’t know why Jim Jinkins called it quits after the movie. I know it didn’t make much, but still….

    • Jow

      Don’t Say That Out Loud! Disney Might Hear You!

  • “The only movie I’ve worked on that was easy to sell had a ‘2’ behind it. The truth is, [moviegoers] don’t know what they want; they only know what they last wanted.”
    – Andrew Stanton, during his Google speech.

    • Matt

      Apathy straight from the horses mouth right there…

  • MissConception

    I’ve become so jaded over this kind of thing that Disney could announce a straight-to-DVD sequel of Snow White and I’ll just shrug my shoulders.

    Though I will say, I have seen fans all over the internet pleading, begging, and imploring Pixar to make an Incredibles sequel. Funny how they are not listening to their own audience.

  • ‘Finding Nemo 2’ Should really be called ‘Finding Marlin’.
    When the dominant female in a school of clown fish dies the alpha male clown fish changes sex to take its place.
    Nemo can spend the whole movie coming to terms with his father’s sexuality and his own parental issues arising from this. Talk about a modern fable for kids these days.

    If that’s not Oscar material then I don’t know what is.

    • If that’s not Oscar material, it would probably be a Fluke :P

    • *Sorry, ‘Finding Marlene’.

    • Joel

      THANK YOU for being the only person I’ve heard outside of my marine biology teacher who’s pointed out the sex change from male to female in clownfish and connected it to “Finding Nemo.” X’D That would be quite an interesting sequel.

  • Kyle

    I’m excited for a Nemo sequel, honestly. It could be something special, you never know.

  • John

    The coral reef where Finding Nemo took place is dead, making a sequel for environmental awareness might be a good thing. Here’s a video on the destruction of the reef.

    • That I can wholly support, *IF* part of the proceedings earned by the film were later donated to conversationalist efforts.

      Yet I still remember all the merchandise that was produced based on Wall-E, and it was kind of depressing, since that was totally AGAINST the message of the movie.

    • Kyle Maloney

      That actually would make a for a good plot, having their home die on them. But I don’t think they would do that. I doubt pixar wants to invite accusations of being preachy.

      • John

        Wall-E was preachy!

      • Jow

        *Gasp!* YOU SAID THE “P” WORD!

  • derik

    I kinda always wanted a Bug’s Life sequel or Incredibles Sequel. I feel like Finding Nemo was just way to good to even need a sequel, not that those other films weren’t good, but they feel more open to sequels.

    I just can’t imagine the characters from Finding Nemo in a crazier adventure more exciting adventure, I feel like no matter what Pixar does, the sequel will just feel like complete crap compared to the first.

  • Ara

    Hah! Most of the comments in this post have made my morning! The comments here are actually more creative than the sequels Hollywood keeps spewing out. Maybe you guys are what Pixar needs, and not more rehashed ideas.

    But seriously, I’m a bit disappointed by this news, only because I have no idea how they’re going to pull this off and make it as nice as the first (since Finding Nemo, as others have said, seems to be one of those standalone films). I hope I’ll be presently surprised…

  • Joe Schmoe

    If only Pixar made cookie-cutter Japanimation featuring stupid-looking frozen faces, very loud music and cartoon kiddie porn upskirt shots then most of you would hail them as geniuses.
    Instead Pixar just makes one excellent animated film after another and billions of dollars while setting the bar higher each time. But go on, remind us of your projected personal shortcomings with another cranky letter to the editors.

    • John

      Wow, seriously clam down. Your rant doesn’t even make any sense and has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

  • akira

    OMG i can’t hardly wait! what will the pixar genius writer group come up with next? my only question though: will it be live action or a mix of live action and animation like they did on john carter of mars?… and also, if they do use animation in it will they do it in the USA or did they find some super great animators overseas that’ll help them to increase those disney profits to make up for the john carter losses?

  • Alê Camargo


    In the end, they’ll find him.

    • Funkybat

      If it turned out that in the end they did not, *that* would be a pretty groundbreaking story choice. It would be Pixar’s “No Country For Old Men.”

  • Samjoe

    The Studio:Brad Bird, will you make a sequel to Incredibles. You know not for the money of course, but the art.
    Brad Bird: No
    A year or two passes.
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles.
    Brad Bird: No
    A year or two passes.
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles.
    Brad Bird: No
    A year or two passes.
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles.
    Brad Bird: No
    A year or two passes.
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles.
    Brad Bird: No
    A year or two passes.
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles. Pretty Please? With cherries on top.
    Brad Bird: No
    Studio: Grumbling, clears throat.
    The Studio: Ok we really want to go ahead with this project,
    The Studio: Please, will you make a sequel to Incredibles.
    Brad Bird: No

    The Studio: Talking to the Public, Brad Bird is a very busy man, So we have decided to give this project to a
    up and coming director,whom you may or may not have heard of. But Ladies and Gentlemen I give you,
    The Incredibles 2: “All Grown UP”

    And that is how it works, Money talks.

  • Jow

    To Quote The Nostalgia Critic:

    “Pixar’s Your Cinematic Gaurdian Now. Everything They Say You Have To Believe.”

    I’m Not Joking. Watch His “Little Monsters” Review.