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PREVIEW: “Le Tableau” by Jean François Laguionie

Le Tableau

French animation website Catsuka has posted the trailer for Le Tableau, an upcoming CG feature by veteran French animation director Jean François Laguionie. The high-concept film, which takes place in a world of paintings, is about some kind of conflict between characters that have been painted and those that lack color or have yet to be painted. The film’s wild, unnatural color choices appear to be directly inspired by French art movements like the Nabis and Fauves. It’s refreshing to see such a bold non-photorealistic rendering style in a CG feature and it’s no surprise that such an artistically accomplished filmmaker as Laguionie would be the one to attempt it, but the generic animation in this clip from Le Tableau is somewhat less inspiring than the trailer.

On a sidenote, with the release of this film, will Laguionie become the oldest director of a CG feature? He’s now 72 years old.

Here’s a portion of Laguionie’s earlier masterpiece Gwen, or the Book of Sand:

  • With John Lasseter often expressing his appreciation and fondness for 2D animation, I’ve often wondered why Pixar hasn’t tried a rich 2D style with their cgi. Does everything out of America have to look like the unimaginative little puppet films they make? You can see the potential for the medium in these short clips and trailers. The film may or may not be wonderful when it’s all complete, but it certainly looks daring from this side of the Atlantic.

  • Personally I quite like the look of this.
    It’s interesting that some characters are fully painted, while others exist as mere sketches.

    And the character animation, while simple, seems fine for this film.

    Personnellement j’aime bien le look de ce ci.
    Il est intéressant que certains personnages sont entièrement peintes, tandis que d’autres existent
    comme de simples croquis.

    Et l’animation des personnages, tout simple,
    semble très bien pour ce film.

  • Joe

    Brilliant! about time.

  • 2011 Adult

    Why am I drooling?

  • At last, a film I would like to see.

  • The visuals seem to have some unpredictable and breathing quality that is so rare to find in 3D. Finally something different and surprising (and a bit more culturally nutritious).

  • It should be fairly self evident that the ‘clip’ is a proof-of-concept technical test and not an actual scene from the film, no?

  • Mardo

    just watched Le Tableau today, it’s breathtaking! it’s Inception-meets-The Matrix, but for paintings! absolutely amazing from concept/story, to animation