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Reader Poll: How Big Will The “Croods” Open?

On Friday, DreamWorks Animation will release Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco’s The Croods, the company’s 26th feature. It will also be the first one released under their new distribution deal with Fox.

Box Office Guru predicts that Croods will open with a $39 million weekend. Box Office Mojo forecasts the film will earn between $40-44 million. Variety says the film is tracking north of $40 million, and even has a shot of reaching Wreck-It Ralph’s $49 million opening weekend. Not in question is that the film will be huge internationally. It opens day-and-date in over 45 countries tomorrow, and predictions are in the $300 million range for overseas opening weekend.

Now, it’s your turn. We are going to find out whether the collective knowledge of the animation community can accurately predict an animated film’s opening weekend. The poll below will remain open through Saturday early-afternoon. Read up on the links above, and then make your best guess for how much The Croods will gross on its US opening weekend.

Survey is now closed. Check back on Sunday for the results.
  • 42.4 million is my guess

    • Mr. James

      – What was the highest bid Bob?

      – 42.4 Million

      – I’ll guess 42.4 Million…and a $1

      – Actual retail price…

      – 43 MILLION!!!!!! Mr. James you’re the next contestant on the Price Is Right! COME ON DOWN!!!!!

    • RickyB

      42.41 Million is my bid. Price is Right rules apply.

    • I’d like to bid 42.5 million Drew

  • Raises pinkie to corner of mouth* One million dollars.. No in all honesty I’m thinking 36 million

  • Robin Sheldon

    You know – this is going to be a TOUGH one. There’s very little appealing in the look & marketing of this film. I think Dreamworks dropped the ball on how to promote it, which means it may be a bit of a flop for the amount of money poured into it. We need more of these films to do good, so I hope it pulls in some numbers, but I think that the Dreamworks name alone will do it more credit that the look. Can anyone really tell anything about the story based on the marketing? And who thinks of Nick Cage as a great voice actor? I’ll be watching it this weekend, though I can’t say I’m entering thew theater with too much excitement. And sometimes, that can be a good thing!

    • Nik

      I remember Nick Cage doing the voice of Dr. Tenma for the Astroboy movie a few years ago. Cage really phoned that role in, so I’m not holding out hope for his part in The Croods.

      • Funkybat

        Saw it tonight, and I will say this (which I don’t consider a “spoiler”); Nic Cage is a lot better in this film than I can recall him being in any other animated voice role. I have usually found his presence to be distracting in animated fare, in Astroboy especially all I could think when he would speak is “Nicolas Cage.” Here, while I never entirely forget it’s him, I didn’t feel fixated on it. After 10 minutes he’s Grug, not Nic Cage, and you feel for him and understand his actions and reactions in the context of the character. I’d say there was good voicework all around.

  • Yuck

    You mean, how big will the Croods utterly BOMB this weekend?

    Am I they only one who feels like DW yet again succeeded in destroying anything vaguely interesting about Chris Sanders’ designwork?

    I expect this is gonna be a bland, hairy, feel-good, cro-magnon pile…

    I look forward to when their over-generic, desperate, hairy faces stop staring at me from the back of buses on my daily commute.

    • Deaniac

      “Well. Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine.”

  • Jason

    I’m not sure who the modeling supe on Dreamworks is he/she always makes them look horrible. I know they have great designers too…

    Anyways I’m going to say 42.5 million. ;)

  • Inkan1969

    The first wide release family cartoon from a major studio, with no competition in the family market other than the weeks old “Oz” and the spent force “Escape…”. I say $80 Million.

  • Scott Shaw!

    Since H-B’s THE FLINTSTONES TV series was self-described as “a modern Stone-Age family” and THE CROODS’ marketing refers to them as “the world’s first modern family” and 1994’s THE FLINTSTONES live-action feature film made 29.8 million over its opening weekend…allowing for inflation, I’ll say 35 million. Clams.

    • Nicolás.

      IM WITH YOU!
      un producto exelente!!

  • Destiny

    I think its a good movie, I liked it a lot when I saw it as a film in progress. I hope it does well. Best of luck to my Dreamworks peeps :)

  • Doz Hewson

    I claim “TC” to become a $60+ M grossing film.

  • I predicted 42.4 mil. Did I hear that it actually made 42.4 mil? :}