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“The Gawper”

Just in time for Halloween, UK’s A Large Evil Corporation produced this spooky retro-cool puppet-like CG sample piece, The Gawper:

(Thanks, Brian Lonano)

  • Martyn

    Love it! More please.

  • Matt Jones

    Fantastic stuff! Some really nice animation ‘business’ going on -the pratfalls, the reactions, the sneak walks etc.

  • Justin

    That.. WAS AWESOME

  • Toonio

    First I thought News Corp. couldn’t have done this alone, and then I hit the link :P

    Awesome stuff indeed.

  • BBL

    For those of us who AREN’T British (or clued-in on British slang):

    gawps; gawped; gawp·ing

    [no obj] chiefly Brit, informal: to stare at someone or something in a rude or stupid way :gawk

    A very nice piece of work. The low-lying fog was impressive CGI.

  • Terrific work by the animators as well as those responsible for the sets and lighting! The atmosphere in this short feels spot on.

    By the way, checked out their website – very fine work on both the adverts and previous short projects!


  • akira

    cool thanks for making and posting online!!

  • John A

    Excellent work! I was (more than)a little disappointed it wasn’t a complete story. Horror comedies in CG seem like such a natural, but there haven’t been many of them out there.

  • I love this. “Real” puppets in CG is a great concept. I only wish it was longer!

    It feels like a companion piece to Screen Novelties’ Mysterious Mose:

  • I wonder why only the skeleton has strings. Maybe it’s a clue that points to the non-NON-corporeal nature of whatever entity is animating the skeleton. Possibly an animator.

  • Chris Webb

    Loved it! Really seemed like an old movie, and the fog was amazing.


  • Loved it – the simulated “neg weave” on the titles was a great touch. They nailed the “low budget opticals” effect..

  • Ted

    That looked great. Except the fog should have been some sort of manipulable CG cotton ball (or a clearly overlayed 2D effect) to replicate the style more properly. Also, fake thumbprints in the skins (altho that may be there, and I just need to see it on a bigger screen to see them).

  • Michel Van

    More more more
    this must be Short or Long movie !
    it’s lovely homage to Tim Burton

  • Bob

    Terrific — very similar to the opening of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Very funny and wish it was longer!

    • Well spotted Bob. Glad you liked it. Thank you all for your positive comments, I wish it was longer too!

  • Lyle


  • Super good! I love the design work, those graverobbers are fantastic.

  • CJ

    Can I has more please? :D Very well done, especially considering how “evil” the corp is haha!