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“The Gawper”

Just in time for Halloween, UK’s A Large Evil Corporation produced this spooky retro-cool puppet-like CG sample piece, The Gawper:

(Thanks, Brian Lonano)

  • Martyn

    Love it! More please.

  • Matt Jones

    Fantastic stuff! Some really nice animation ‘business’ going on -the pratfalls, the reactions, the sneak walks etc.

  • Justin

    That.. WAS AWESOME

  • Toonio

    First I thought News Corp. couldn’t have done this alone, and then I hit the link :P

    Awesome stuff indeed.

  • BBL

    For those of us who AREN’T British (or clued-in on British slang):

    gawps; gawped; gawp·ing

    [no obj] chiefly Brit, informal: to stare at someone or something in a rude or stupid way :gawk

    A very nice piece of work. The low-lying fog was impressive CGI.

  • Larry Ruppel

    Terrific work by the animators as well as those responsible for the sets and lighting! The atmosphere in this short feels spot on.

    By the way, checked out their website – very fine work on both the adverts and previous short projects!


  • akira

    cool thanks for making and posting online!!

  • John A

    Excellent work! I was (more than)a little disappointed it wasn’t a complete story. Horror comedies in CG seem like such a natural, but there haven’t been many of them out there.

  • Justin Weber

    I love this. “Real” puppets in CG is a great concept. I only wish it was longer!

    It feels like a companion piece to Screen Novelties’ Mysterious Mose:

  • Christopher Olson

    I wonder why only the skeleton has strings. Maybe it’s a clue that points to the non-NON-corporeal nature of whatever entity is animating the skeleton. Possibly an animator.

  • Chris Webb

    Loved it! Really seemed like an old movie, and the fog was amazing.


  • Steve Schnier

    Loved it – the simulated “neg weave” on the titles was a great touch. They nailed the “low budget opticals” effect..

  • Ted

    That looked great. Except the fog should have been some sort of manipulable CG cotton ball (or a clearly overlayed 2D effect) to replicate the style more properly. Also, fake thumbprints in the skins (altho that may be there, and I just need to see it on a bigger screen to see them).

  • Michel Van

    More more more
    this must be Short or Long movie !
    it’s lovely homage to Tim Burton

  • Bob

    Terrific — very similar to the opening of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Very funny and wish it was longer!

    • Seth Watkins

      Well spotted Bob. Glad you liked it. Thank you all for your positive comments, I wish it was longer too!

  • Lyle


  • Kelly Tindall

    Super good! I love the design work, those graverobbers are fantastic.

  • CJ

    Can I has more please? :D Very well done, especially considering how “evil” the corp is haha!