“The Lost Thing” trailer “The Lost Thing” trailer

“The Lost Thing” trailer

The Lost Thing, a fifteen-minute CG animated short with a tactile, painterly feel, is based on a children’s book by Shaun Tan. It won the top short film prize earlier this year at the Annecy International Animation Festival. Co-directed by Tan and Andrew Ruhemann, the film was produced by a micro-crew of four artists out of Passion Pictures Australia. All of the animation is credited to just one person–Leo Baker–who also did most of the rigging. Lots of info about the project in this article on Screenhub. Film website at TheLostThing.com.

(Thanks, Josef)

  • Hmm makes me want to know more. That’s such a departure from most trailers which, seemingly, all want to make me annoyed.

  • GW

    Looks interesting so far. I’ve been interested in Tan’s work since reading The Arrival.

  • This is a brilliant film.
    Not only for the visuals, which are outstanding, but the
    delightful story that sneaks up on you and leaves you
    pondering long after the credits.

    Watch it if you can, I loved it.

  • I can’t get enough of films that push the look of CG beyond the standard vibe we see in all the big studio features. Congrats for art direction!

  • rebecca

    yay Shaun Tan’s stuff is great.